Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party In The Garage....Cabin Fever

I finally decided to clean out the garage the other day so as the babies were napping I was able to get out there and really clean up.  I have been on this organizing and cleaning kick lately and let me tell you is making lots of people ask if I am "nesting"...Nesting maybe...pregnant...NOT NOT NOT.  I have been able to go thru every closet and drawer in the big kids room, organize every toy in the basement, went thru all of the baby toys and the baby clothes.  I am ready for a salvation army trip.  I also went thru all 3 of our junk drawers.  I feel so darn cleansed..ahhhhhh...  Mairin has really been busy with additonal activities in the afternoons so she is not here much.  The babies are napping well so I have some time to dive into some fun projects.  Actually don't get too bent out of shape.  This is my world now so rather than just go day by day I am just getting ready for spring when we are outside.  I am anticipating a spring and summer full of "not being able to take my eyes off" the trips. 

Yesterday the older kids needed to get ready for hockey practice so they went out to the garage (the clean garage) and put their gear on.  We put all of their hockey equipment in the garage so that the babies don't chew on their skate blades, drool all over their jock straps or take their cups and leave them in places we will only find them when guests are over.  I then noticed the noise coming from the garage and went out and they each had a bike or a scooter and they were just going in circles and having a ball.  The babies were all cranky and were following me so as I peered out the door did they and they couldn't get out there fast enough.  At first I thought.."humm it is cold out here and the trips have no socks on" then I said to myself, "oh may kill a half hour"  It killed more than that.  I have just discovered a new room to play in.  The older kids woke up this morning and asked if they could play in the garage.  "not now but when you get home from school..of course you can". 

Living in Michigan has taken a toll on the Mott Family this winter and we need to get out.  Snow melt away, Declan figure out how to walk and lets get outside to play.

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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Isn't it funny what keeps them busy? I need to start organizing & cleaning stuff out for our move...why do I keep putting it off!?