Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please Give Me Your Thoughts..Bottles and Pacifiers

Asking all of those mom's out there.  Do you think there is a coorelation between kids who use pacifiers and kids who have a hard time giving up their bottles?  Here is my situation. 

My 7 year old twin boys both used pacifiers and I don't remember it being a big deal getting rid of bottles and changing over to sip cups.  My daughter was also a pacifier kid and she made the transition very easy as well.  I attempt to break the bottle as close to 1 year old as I can.  I get rid of the mid day bottle first, then after a couple weeks I get rid of the morning bottle and then we take away the night bottle.  I am not opposed to even giving a sip cup of water in bed to ease the transition.  My triplets are 15 months and we are still having 2 bottles a day and I have to say we are having a terrible time trying to get rid of more bottles.   I tried to make the triplets want a pacifier but I only got 1 out of the 3 to take one.  Declan loves his pacifier and he is also the one who could care less about a bottle.  He only gets his pacifier in bed but when I offer up a bottle the other 2 go crazy and Declan might take a sip or 2 and then he drops it and goes on about his business.  Colin  and Finn will walk around moaning and crying and as soon as you give them a bottle they quiet right down and they find a blanket and they drink it up.  When they are done with the bottle than everything is great. 

So back to the question at hand.  Out of my 6 kids...the 2 non pacifier kids are the ones that seem to have the hardest time giving up the bottle.  I would love to hear your thougths on this topic........


April said...

I only have experience with my daughter. She would never take a pacifier. At 9 months she self weaned from nursing. And at 10 months she self weaned down to 1 bottle during the day, and one in the night. At a year we stopped bottles, and switched to sippys full time. We had introduced sippies at 9 mths though. She is a finger sucker though,but only when she's tired, and when she falls asleep, she takes them out. I have no clue if this helps, I just wanted to share my experience with you!

Brook said...

My oldest son was a pacifier baby and it was hard to break the bottle, but easy to break the paci. My middle child/youngest son only took his paci until he was 10 weeks old and only took the bottle until he was 10 months old. My daughter is now 10 months old, she weaned herself from her paci when she was about 6 months and from nursing at 7 months and she does not like the sippy cups. So I think it is just dependent on who the child is and their personality.

Anonymous said...

none of my kids used a pacifier or bottles - but they nursed for a very LONG time.

I think it's really the same thing when it comes down to it.... babies need to suckle for comfort -
whether a mom uses a pacifier, bottle or her breasts - they provide comfort. If it works - why not go with it? They are happy - 2 bottles a day is not so much and they are using them to help calm themselves into a stage of sleep. Sounds pretty great and wise on their part.

you have a lovely family

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