Monday, March 1, 2010

Triplets and Sushi

Hah...So did you decide to read this because I might be that bad mom who is serving my 1 year old babies "raw fish"?   No I am not but I wanted to leave the title so that maybe it would draw your interest.  I also thought it might be funny to see what kind people would visit if they were searching for sushi and finding triplets. 

I love sushi so last week I decided to do some research and figure out if I could actually make my own.  I went out on Saturday to an Asian Market and picked up all of the ingredients.  I had to head to a fish market to get the sushi grade tuna and some smoked salmon.  On Sunday I took the plunge and began my creation.  The sticky rice is supposed to be the hardest so I was a bit nervous and I followed the recipe to a tee.   I am so excited and proud to show a picture of what my plate of sushi looked like.  It turned out so great and it was soo good.  I had enough to take over to our neighbors and they liked it as well.  I am looking forward to creating many more different kinds of sushi rolls. I need more to do right???  Actually it was fun and I actually consider it to soothing.  If you haven't tried it really need to.  Very tasty.

I am so glad that the Olympics were on because David was in charge of the babies in the family room while they were all watching the US versus Canada in hockey. 


Myrna said...

It looks beautiful. I have never tried much sushi and will have to ask you to make me some to try. I can't believe you find the time to do these detailed tasks!

Elizabeth said...

I love home made sushi. I'm lucky because my sister makes it for us... I have never been game enough to try and make it. Well done yours look very yummy!

Sally said...

we might have to move from mexican to sushi! this looks great heater!

Helene said...

I absolutely LOVE sushi!! Yours looks really good...if I hadn't known, I would've thought it was from a restaurant!

One of my favorite bloggers posted how to make sushi awhile back and ever since, Bella and I make it all the time! I was surprised at how easy it is...I wish we had a fish market near us so we could get sushi grade tuna!