Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little About Each Of Them

Having 6 kids and having my life take me in many directions I felt like it was time again to give a bit of a tribute to each of them ..individually.  I can get caught up in combining them..."the twins", "the older ones", "the triplets" so here it is...A Little About Each Of Em......

My oldest...Eamon (pronounced..Amen)
Eamon is my easy going, charming little 2nd grader. Eamon is eager to please and goes with the flow most of the time.  He is the one that will keep everyone happy.  Eamon is also the one who will procrastinate until the last minute if you let him and he can be one who gets distracted easily.  David says it is "work in progress". 

My second of the twins is Liam
Liam is my second born twin and he is much more particular than Eamon.  Liam is very organized, perfectionist, likes being the best and first.  Liam runs the house.  He is the leader of all of the kids.  Liam is very concerned about if you like him or if you upset with him.  He loves it when you tell him he did a good job.  Liam is very very attentive towards the babies and is very good at watching them.

My 3rd is Mairin (My only single and my only girl)
Mairin can hold her own in pretty much any environment. She is nothing less than a little joy.  She can talk my ear off and sometimes we have to play the quiet game but other than that she can make my heart melt.  Mairin is all about friends, play dates and what are we doing next.  She loves Eamon and Liam, she is great with the babies and she often copies what I say and what I do. 

My 4th ..The oldest triplet ..Colin
Colin is that kid that makes me wonder what is in store for the future.  He is crazy, wild and extreme.  He is either laughing or crying and loves freedom to explore.  Colin climbs on everything and is already running away from me.  He is loud and can be very squiggly. He is definitely a Daddy's boy.  He loves David and will just sit with David and not make a peep.  Colin is that kid who will be in the emergency room for broken bones and stitches.  Colin is also the leader of the pack.  He is surprisingly shy and clingy though when unfamiliar people are around.

My 5th born is Declan ( pronounced Deck-Lan)
My little Deck Deck is what we call him.  Declan is my rocker, bouncer and pacifier kid.  He is my smallest but my garbage can eater.  He will eat anything and everything I give him.  He is the only one of the triplets that loves a pacifier.  He is easy going and goes with the flow.  He will sit and play with things for a long time and is often content with whatever is planned for the day.  He is the kid that arches his back often and likes to wiggle

My 6th born is Fintan (we call him Finn)
We often call him Finn Finn...Finn is very cute.  He has a cute little personality too.  Finn can sit and play with one thing for the longest time.  He will go to anyone and likes to be held by different people.  Finn has the red hair and he can be loud if you take a toy or get in his way.  He is determined to do what he wants to do and he has no intention of listening to me when I say no.  Finn has a temper and lately he has started to sprawl out on the floor and bang his feet and head. He is such a smiley kid that you cant help but kiss on him.

I think I lucked out with this bunch.  6 little blessings and they are all mine.


AJ said...

Your kids are beautiful! I love their names and enjoy reading your blog.

Myrna said...

You did luck out, but so did your children to have parents as wonderful as you and David. I love it when you give an update on each child!