Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time For The Outdoors..going better than anticipated!!!!

We have broken out...broken out of the stale air of inside.  We have been inside for nearly 4 months and it is time to stretch our legs...get a little dirty and smile at the sunshine.  We have a large pond in our backyard (hence the pictures in winter of the ice rink) and summer brings in new hurdles to deal with when it comes to little ones.  I went to Home Depot and purchased everything to make my own fence and although it is hard to see ..here is a picture of the playarea made especially for Colin, Declan and Finn.

I am able to gate off everything so that they can only get in and out via the walkout basement sliding door.  It is perfect because I have been able to sit down there and relax a bit and them play.  I am slowly adding to it.  I brought down a table and chairs, garbage container, diapers, wipes and towels.  It really makes it a perfect place to play. 

I got online and searched out some bucket seat swings and came up with this one.  It is a great swing for 1 kid and it really is great for 2 kids.  The triplets like it so much that I ordered a second one for more fun.  Mairin can even fit into it so I think it will be a perfect swing to grow with them. 

The kids love the idea of an Easter egg hunt so we did a good one this year.  Aunt Myrna made sure we had lots of candy and the kids had a great time searching for chocolate.  The best part of Easter this year was that we lost power on Saturday and although we have a huge generator we didnt hook up the oven.  Here we were ..the morning of Easter and 15 people coming over and no oven.  Thank goodness for our Jewish neighbors.  Passover was last week so they were not having company or using their ovens.  We took all of our food over there and heated everything up and brought it back to our house.  Dinner was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed.

Monday marked the first day of Spring Break and it turned out to be a good day.  I had coffee with the ladies at 10:30 and they brought their kids over.  We all had lunch outside and the kids played.  I had another mom bring over some kids at 2pm for an afternoon playdate.  At 6pm we all finally came inside after being outside all day and everyone got baths and showers and by 8:30pm I was laying in my bed ready to be done for the night.  Wow what a day.


Angela said...

The fence looks GREAT! I love how see-thru it is! And what fun for all of you! Happy late Easter to you all! And have a Happy Spring Break!

Kimberly & Alex said...

i love your bach yard, the play area is perfect. and awesome job on the fence. i guess i'll need that next year! thanks foe the idea.