Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook and Fireplaces with Triplets

I have been busy with all of my household duties of wiping off snotty noses, fishing my 17 month old triplets out of our fireplace, doing laundry and playing outside.  This is only a few of the things that occurr on a daily basis but last week I decided to throw out an idea and see what response I would get.  I started a facebook fan page that I call "Mott Multiples and more..A Place for Mom's of Multiples".  There have been an outpouring of fans that have come from all over the United States.  I am finding and friending mom's of twins, triplets and quads from all over.  I set up my facebook so that I can separate out all of the multiple mom's and it has been a joy to read.  I am able to look at the status updates from these fellow mom's and wow it is not only an inspiration but a way to share the daily dulldrums of multiple chaos.  I find myself going to the page just to have a laugh and relate.  If you are a mom that is having a rough day than you need to visit.  Last night around 6pm the comments were priceless....."bedtime can't come quick enough" "If only I had a chef, a maid and a laundry service..and life would be easier" there are announcements of birthdays and appointments but best of all are the short stories of what the crazy house is getting into.  Everyone is adding their pictures of their families so I can look at mulitples all over.  This morning I found a family that is just like mine...twins, a single and triplets.  I will need to talk with this lady soon. 

This morning we did our normal wakeup and as I was saying goodbye to Mairin as she was picked up for pre-school I noticed that the triplets were being tooo quiet.  I found them downstairs attempting (and working together) to get back into the fireplace.  I dont know how they do it.  I put a heavy storage trunk in front of the fireplace and jammed the screen in front of the opening.  These little stinkers wedged thru this narrow little opening (just like mice do) and when I came down..Colin was inside the fireplace looking out thru the screen, Declan was caught one leg in and one leg out and Finn was standing there clapping.  I was so upset with them that they each got a stern stern no and a pat on their backsides.  They crawled back upstairs and I had to again...clean their heads and faces off since they all looked like they could have been miners or chimney cleaners with all of the black ashes on them.  I put on my shoes, grabbed the stroller and my ipod and we went for a brisk walk ( to make me a nicer mom for the day)  ahh now that it is over..I do think it is funny and I have to laugh...little shits!!!!!


Angela said...

I'll have to check out your FB page. And I know of a mom here locally that has a singleton, twins and trips. Saw her at the mall with her 6seater runabout! I'll have to see if she's on FB too.
I can so relate to your day. We had a decent AM then whiny, sick, runny noses, screaming, not eating, crawled out of crib (first time) and one fell down the stairs, and big kids continued to fight after that! I wanted to cry. It might of helped! Icecream does wonders!

Helene said...

I got your invite to the page but somehow misplaced it! I'm gonna go see if I can find it through your FB page!

I could really use some encouragement and humor today!