Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Just Needed A Day Without Kids..

I decided that I had a lot of work to do outside and I was in great need of getting into a "child free" zone for a day so I hired a sitter for the day.  It was the best 10 hours ever.  My sitter (my wonderful niece) came at 930am and I literally ran out the door upon her arrival in anticipation for such a fun day.  It was almost (not quite) like the olden days of no committments.  ***Disclaimer::::::I adore each and every one of my children but days away make me a much better mamma.**** This day was by no means a free day to myself but rather a day full of getting jobs done.  The exercise was amazing and the sun was hot.  I needed to move 3 yards of dirt that I had delivered, plant 8 arborvitae trees (6to7ft tall), and spread 4 yards of mulch.  I managed to get most of the arborvitae planted by 12:30 and then I had to run out to the boys baseball game.  I packed the snacks, a chair, sat and enjoyed watching my boys play ball.  (I normally take the babies with me to the games and there is really no way to watch the older boys and I never sit down.  Hence the reason for my excitement to go to the game free) We arrived home at 3:30pm and I went back out to move some more sister, Heidi joined me.  We worked non-stop until 6:30pm.  I was shocked that we got everything done and I was able to let my sitter go at 7:30pm.  Every ounce of me hurts now. I ache everywhere and things are starting to tighten up.  Tomorrow is not going to be pretty as I will be a sore girl.  I keep looking outside and evaluating my work...we did good. 

I popped in every once in awhile to see if Mary (my sitter) was handling things good.  She rocks..the laundry was folded and the house was clean.  My niece is wonderful and it is a win win situation.  Mary cracked me up though.  The play area is fenced in and I told Mary to go ahead and take the triplets out to play.  I was working right there so as they open up the slider and they flow out into the area I am noticing that she has them all dressed really cute and looking rather stylin with shoes, socks and the whole outfit.  I immediately spot the puddle of water to the left of the play structure and I am watching quietly as i know it will take on about 30 seconds and they will discover this puddle and shoes and outfits will be wet.  Yep it happened and I watched Colin splash in the water and I see Mary come running over...I start laughing and said, "come on Mary like you didnt think they would jump in the puddle".  She responds with, "I forgot how babies dont care about getting dirty" Got to love Mary...she let them play and she says the day was great and that she will come back again....What a good day.


Myrna said...

You are unbelieveable! Most people could not get that much done in a day - even without kids. What a worker - I bet it looks beautiful. And yes, I imagine you had some strong aches as you tried to get out of bed this morning.

.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

wow, you have a great babysitter, and you are one busy lady. you tackled a huge project all on your own! i'm surprised you were able to keep the kids inside.

Angela said...

Hi Heather,
Glad you got a day "out"! :)
Have you heard from April who had her babies 3 wks ago? I think she bought some of your bottles. She hasn't posted and am worried, but know how incredibly busy she is. Leave me a comment if you've heard anything! Thanks, Angela