Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Month Of May..and all it brings

May seems to be one of those months that I ramp up for...take a deep breath and by the middle of it I am ready for it to be over.  May brings so many things to get done at the Mott house.  The yard is turning green and the plants are starting to pop out.  The mulch needs to be ordered and spread, baseball has started, soccer has started and the triplets are itching to play outside every moment that they can.  Eamon and Liam celebrate their birthdays on May 7 and this year they turned 8 years old.  They had their heart set on Red Wing jerseys so we surprised them on the morning of May 7.

May also brings Mothers Day.  I seem to struggle with Mother's Day every year.  My parents live 2.5 hours away and I struggle with spending the day with my mom or spending the day with my family.  The past several years I have spent Mothers Day at my house with my family.  We hang out in the early part of the day and then I take off either to my room or leave the house for some true "mom time".  My idea of the perfect Mothers Day is ..No Cooking for cleaning and not having to settle an argument.  No responsibilities is really what I love.  I do have 6 kids so although my husband tries to make this a reality ....he does the best he can.  I am sure my perfect Mothers Day will get better and better the older the kids get. 

May also brings Memorial Day Weekend which is the beginning of summer to most Michiganders.   It also starts the countdown to the end of school.  The end of school always brings lots of volunteer work, activities and kids that might need an extra push to get the homework done before the outdoor play begins.  We seem to be busy almost every night with baseball games, meetings and the energy to get some work done outside after work.  Memorial Day Weekend we get to spend some time with my parents and we pray for good weather every year.

Mairin is ready and waiting for Kindergarten next year and she has been the social butterfly of the family lately.  We seem to have a lot of May birthday parties to attend too.  She was invited to a Sweet N Sassy Party yesterday and they did her hair,makeup and nails...what a party for a 5 year old to go to.
The triplets are keeping me more busy than I ever thought.  There are good days and no so good days.  I like that they are a bit more mobile so they can explore on their own but I hate it too because they are getting into everything.  We have benches at our kitchen table and that is the new hangout.  I hate having to keep the table clear for fear of the 3 crazy's attaching whatever I have left unattended.  I have been very firm with  them and making sure that they sit and as they stand up I am really getting after them. The problem is that when you are training 3 you tend to want to lose your mind after saying "no" or "sit" for the 76th time in a matter of 5 minutes.  I can tell when I am at the end of my rope...I grab the triplets and take them off the benches and turn the benches on their sides. 

I have decided to let them have free access to most of the house because it gives them something to do but also they will learn the boundries of the home much faster.  The main floor is pretty much available for them but the upstairs and basement require just a little more supervision.  I tend to do some laundry if they are playing downstairs or clean and put away laundry if they are upstairs.  The garage is another room they love.  I like it when the weather is nice so that I can open up the door to the garage and say, "have at it" I can hear them and it is easy for me to stick my head out every few minutes to check on what they are getting into.  It is tough work but I do love it and I love watching everyone grow into themselves.  Life is good.


wonderchris said...

You have such beautiful wonderful children! Happy Mother's Day!!!

wonderchris said...
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.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

cute pictures! i love that last one. happy mother's day to you!

Kimberly & Alex said...

Happy Mother's Day Heather!

Angela said...

I love the pic of the 3 of them. They are getting so big! And I hear you about getting ready for summer! Lots to do here in May as well! I think I need to give my trio more room to explore inside, but it does require more disipline for me to teach boundaries. Keep up your amazing work! It's the best job in the world! Happy Mother's DAy!