Monday, May 10, 2010

The Things People Say.....

Today we ventured out and it seems like each time we get a chance..or get up the guts to venture out there are always those off the wall comments.  I have to laugh at some and some just make me wonder.  We took a trip to Sam's Club and I took the trips and Mairin.  I told Mairin that I would need her help in making our trip a success and she was all for it.  We strolled thru Sam's with looks and stares and as we were standing in line for the checkout the lady in front of me says, "awww they are so cute...and so quiet, what is your secret?" I responded with "timing and a quick trip" I thought that was nice and based on that comment you know that they were all being very good and quiet.  Then the guy behind me (a couple minutes later) says, "Are ALL of those kids yours"?  "Why yes they are" I respond with a smile.  He then proceeds to say, "if those were all mine you could find me in South America..hahahah"  What do you say to that?  Im afraid of what he would have said if I would have told him about the additional 2 kids that are MINE but at school right now.  I decided to spare him the imbarrassment of another dumb comment. 

We headed to the park and I decided that we could try it so I asked Mairin again if she could help me and she said "sure mom"...Mairin helped me unload them and we walked to playground.  Immediately we were spotted by 2 moms.  The mom's both were in awwwww....are those triplets????  Yes they are?  "wow we havent seen triplets in a long time".  I responded with "nope you don't because we usually dont go out to an ungated area at 17 months old babies".  They were very nice ladies and asked me lots of questions.  I just love it when I connect with someone who is just nice and considers my busy life a blessing.

P.S.  If there are any multiple moms out there that live in the Metro Detroit Area we are having a very informal gathering called "Mommas Night Out" on May 19th at Roosevelts in Farmington Hills.  You can send me an email at for more information.   We met last month and we had 6 triplet mom's show up and we are anxious to keep it going. 


.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

oh, i wish we could come to your get together. i know what you mean with all the comments. people always ask if we want more (which we do) and they act completely shocked when we say we do. to avoid all the rude comments about having "so many" kids I just say, "we might want more" instead of just saying we do for sure. i feel like whenever it's time for us to get pregnant again, i should go hide out in the country so i can have my pregnancy in peace.

Kimberly & Alex said...

oh, you are my inspiration!

Lani said...

oh yeah... gotta love the comments. But isn't it nice to talk to nice, positive people? You just have to ignore the rest:)

Nicole said...

yes, going out is like standing on a theater scene !!
We were 6 kids at home and my parents had lots of comments about "all these kids"
So he just loved to say looking around:
- is everyone here?
let's see, 1, 2,3,4,5,6.... oh yes we left the other half at home!