Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Great Memorial Day Weekend

I am spending the day doing what every mom does after a weekend away from the house.  It is time to grocery shop, run the errands, do the laundry and just sink back into the routine that we left for 3 days.  We had an amazing trip up north and fun was had by all.  David was in Japan all last week for work so we picked him up from the airport on Friday night and took him north so he could go to bed and try to get back on our time.  When he jumped in the car he had been up for 24 hours so it was an adjustment getting him back to our time. 

Saturday brought lots of sun and fun.  The triplets slept in until 9am and the older kids also crashed hard.  We all headed out to the water for an afternoon of waterfun.  The triplets did well in the water and it was a hot one.  We tired them out and they blessed me with a 4 hour nap so that I could have some R&R with the older ones.  There is so much for the kids to do up at grandma and grandpa's house and I often think that the kids dont know what to do first.  They really love the go cart, the Wii and of course the water.

This picture is back in the woods at grandpa's private little lake.  They love it when grandpa takes them out to look for deer, fish or whatever else they look for.

Mom and Dad have a porch that is lakeside and screened in.  They childproofed the house for us and they also put up this lattice work to keep the triplets from pushing thru the screen and falling a story.  It worked great and the babies loved eating on the floor. 

Here is David and Mairin.  Lots of sun had by all. 
So now it is life back to normal. 

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Marcia said...

The pictures are great and really shows the things you do up North!! Lucky kids and lucky parents/grandparents!