Thursday, June 17, 2010

Men They Just Don't Always Get It.......

They just don't get it.  Last night I was upstairs putting some laundry away and David walked in with anxiety and frustration on his face.  He came from downstairs where he was supposed to be watching the triplets.  My mom and Heidi were cleaning up from dinner, cutting up fruit and preparing food and David was to hang with the trips.  "David what is wrong with you?" I ask him. He says" They are going to bed, they are not listening".  Hah can you make me laugh any harder? I started laughing and said, "David, they are 18 months old and they are little crazy boys".  He replies in a half laughing and half serious voice "I know but they are still going to bed".

Later on I got the real story.  David got home late from work and after he ate his dinner I guess he thought he could take some time to catch a glimpse of his favorite magazine that arrived in the mail (AutoWeek).  This magazine comes every week and when it comes I usually hide it until I have said everything I need to say because once he starts reading it...a bomb can go off and he is clueless.  He went into the family room with the triplets and the magazine thinking he was going to sit down, relax and read his magazine (I mean that makes sense right..that is what I do all day, relax and read).  Immediately Colin started crawling up on his lap...then Declan followed.  Declan started picking at David's face and poking his finger in every hole he could on his face..nose, ears, mouth etc.  He then went after David's glasses.  (I am really laughing now as David is telling me the story at 11pm at the kitchen table over some saltine crackers and peanut butter..his favorite snack) David handles most abuse until they go for his glasses.  Well by this time Fintan was on his way on his lap too.  The magazine got torn out of David's hand and while one of the trips was slowly tearing pages out of his precious magazine another one was getting ready to launch himself from the arm of the chair onto the side table in hopes of taking down the lamp.  The glasses are in one hand and the free hand has to decide weather to save the magazine or save the child from breaking the lamp.  Did I mention the 3rd triplet was on the coffee table and laughing.  David was saying, "No", "Get Down", and many other things and noone was listening.  Hummmm noone was listening huh..Sounds like my life as a mother when noone is listening.  No sympathy here but it was a good laugh.  I noticed the ripped up magazine this morning on the floor next to the chair.  I think the triplets won that one.


Jennifer said...

So funny! I will definitely share this with my husband so he doesn't feel like he is the only dad whose kids "just won't listen".

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. It is always nice when someone thinks your life/kids look nice when it feels so chaotic. I don't know how you manage with all 6. I feel like I am pulling my hair out with 4.

Beth said...

So funny!! I love when my husband tells me the kids are crazy. Yeah- welcome to my life!! I can't help but laugh a bit when my husband tells me how hard it is to get the kids to listen.