Monday, June 21, 2010

My Kid Escaped

The older kids are gone for the week so David and I are settling in with a life of just triplets.  You laugh when I say"just triplets" huh?  It is very different.  When the older kids are gone I find that I have much more time to relax.  Usually when I put the triplets down for a nap or down for is the then time for the older kids.  The older ones often have to wait until the babies are sleeping for mom to be able to do certain things with them.  Now that the older ones are gone...we put the triplets to bed and we both kind of look at each other and say...hummm want to take a nap?, wanna watch a movie?  Kind of different.

Yesterday we put Colin, Declan and Finn down for their nap and for about 8 months now I have been separating them for naptime.  Naps just didnt work well with all 3 babies in the same room.  They all have their own ways of falling asleep and this way I find that they sleep much longer. (they still sleep together for night though). Declan gets his regular crib, Colin gets a pack n play in the older boys room and Finn either gets Heidi's room or the laundry room. (note that the laundry room is a great nap room cause it is very dark and cool).  I was walking by the door to Colin's room and I thought I heard something and as I listened I thought wow it sounds like he is right next to the door.  Oh well ..he is just talking I will get him in a few minutes.  I went back downstairs and did some stuff.  When I came back about a half hour later I could him talking so I opened up the door and the little stink looked at me and walked out.  Yep he had gotten out of his pack n play and was "playing" in the room quietly.  How long had he been "free"?  I felt a sense of panick come over me..That feeling that you get when you don't know all of the facts.  He isnt even 18 months old and crawling out of his pack n play....this cannot be happening.  I glanced around the room and calmed myself by reassurring myself that there were no cleaning supplies in there, no food or anything they he could have hurt himself.  A crib or pack n play is supposed to be a place of security, a place of a huge break.  I think it maybe time for one of those crib covers or crib cages.  This is just one more thing to put on my list to do.  ahhhhh


Jessica said...

Get a crib tent! One of my surviving triplets started climbing or actually flinging herself out around the same age and the crib tent was a lifesaver. They are 2 1/2 now and it still works great. Good luck!

Christina said...

Yes, get a crib tent! I haven't had to use one yet, but I see it in our near future. I hope it works!!

Angela said...

We bought a crib tent last month and loved it. I think because our crib is from IKEA and is a little bit bigger, that's why the crib tent ripped. Bummer! We're seeing what Isaac does next. He did get out once since and then I caught him climbing out by putting some of his weight on the dresser. Moved that away and he hasn't gotten out since. But I put a baby gate up on the outside of the nursery door just incase! Now Makena is trying to get her chubby little leg up over since she's been watching Isaac. I think we just need to bite the bullet and spend the $70 each! They make tent covers I think for pakNplays as well.