Monday, June 14, 2010

School Is Almost Out

The last week of school for us here.  The boys are getting excited to be done and mom is starting to panick slightly with the thought of all 6 kids home for the summer.  I guess we managed last summer so I guess we will manage this summer.  I am very excited that I have enrolled the older boys in a week long camp in my hometown.  Grandma and Grandpa are going to take them for the week and send them off to camp.  Eamon and Liam seem to be pretty excited.  I am going to send Mairin along for the ride and she can hang with Heidi and Mom for the week.  We have a couple days scheduled up north at a cottage with just the older 3 and David and I.  We did this last year too.  It is a couple of days devoted to only the older 3 kids.  (Life is so easy with just the older 3) We will head to Empire Michigan and enjoy some Traverse City sites, Sleeping Bear Dunes and whatever else we stumble across. 

Yesterday marked the last day of baseball and soccer has come to end as well.  I feel like it is a bit of a relief that we are now "committment free" for most evenings.  I think the boys are going to want to do hockey again this fall so we will need a couple of months off before we start the long hockey season.  David got the biggest burdon of the sports since I am usually at home with the little ones.  I hope that in a couple years we can all go to all of the events with ease.  

Heidi is getting ready to leave us.  We have enjoyed her 2 year stay and she now feels like it is time to go.  I never thougth that 2 years would go so fast and pass with such little stress.  Heidi has been the lifesaver of our family and I really know I could not have done this without her.  I am encouraging her to stay as long as she wants but my guess is that by late July she will be moved out.  She is looking for an apartment to rent and hopefully she will stay very close.  Love you Heidi.

Lots of weddings to go to this summer...looking forward to a fun summer..

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Heidi Hockstra said...'re so sweet! I am going to miss living at your house terribly but I will still visit lots!