Friday, June 18, 2010

Today Was The Last Day Of School...What Now?

As a kid I was so excited when school was out for the summer but I never understood why my mom never shared the same excitement....Now I Understand.  I hate that it is the last day of school.  I hate that for the next 3 months it is up..solely to be their source of entertainment, education, food consumption and everything else that comes with 24hr care.  They couldn't even keep the kids a full day on their last day of school.  They released at noon.  Come on at least keep them for a full last day..please..... I love the facebook post of a friend of mine.  At 12:10 today (probably the time the bus was dropping them off) she posts, "school is out, now what"

You suggest putting them into camp right? Well where we live you actually need tobe able to take out a second mortgage in order to put 3 kids in all day camps.  Not to mention that they don't take 18 month old children so I would end up paying a ton of money to get rid of the older 3 and still end up homebound with 3 little ones.  Parents do camp to entertain their kids and to get a break.  I need a couple more years to be able to send them all away (oh and probably will need to pick up a fulltime job too)

Do you remember when you didn't have kids and you were not in school? Those were the years I didn't pay attention to when school started or when it was out.  I could have cared less about the snowstorm that was coming.  A snowday?  What job gives you a snowday?   Now with 6 kids and my sister, who is a 5th grade teacher and living with us, I am very aware of the weather reports, the threat of the possiblity of no schoolbus showing up to take them away. I am aware of the holidays and exactly how many days the schools are closed for and the countdown to the last day of school.  I laugh because it just reinforces how you pay attention and care about only...and only what affects your daily life. 

I sound like an old grumpy FROG.... complaining about my kids being home all summer but there are some things that I do enjoy about them being home.  I love that the morning isn't a balls out, unorganized, crazy rush to get out the door.  I love that the bedtime routine can relax and I don't have to stay ontop of what time it is. I love that grandma and grandpa's house is a place we can just head to whenever we want to.  We miss a shower..oh well you can stink today.  Oh you really don't match today..oh well it is summer.  I really enjoy the help with chores that I get with all of them being home.  I also get a kick out of watching the different games and creativity that comes out when they are bored and need something to do.  Kids have it in them to be creative if they have the opportunity to be bored.  Another one of my favorites is being able to take the older ones on a day and do something just with them.  I seem to have so many special moments with the little ones since we are home together 24/7 but the older ones are not as available and have more of a schedule. Maybe this summer we can all venture out even with the babies as I have 3 great helpers during the day.    ahhhhh see I can talk myself into anything.   

Actually I am ok with the summer being here.  The kids need a break and I love them even if they make me crazy.  They will only be little for a short while so I pledge that I will enjoy them now.

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Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by my lady. :) I can't wait to read about your summer, and I can guarantee you'll do have a great attitude!!