Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Triplet Trouble

It is constant JOB watching 3 little boys that are just as busy as can be.  The biggest problem with triplets is that if 1 is doing bad...2 and 3 are always following suit.  They are like a magnet to the word "no".  I say no to one of them and all of a sudden the other two have dropped their current activity to come running and see what they are missing.  They are on a new kick right now and it is driving me and everyone other adult who watches them..crazy.  I feel like we have a dog again and we have to keep everything off of the kitchen table.  They like to climb up and sit on the kitchen table.  Finn loves to push it just a bit further by standing up and touching the light and watch it sway back and forth.  I walk in and see him looking up at the light swaying and he is grinning and clapping...convinced he is doing good.  Colin was first to figure out how to climb up so now he is finally starting to listen and sit on the bench rather than on the table.  He is also the fastest at getting up and down with the most grace.  Declan was last to be able to launch his body up on the bench and now his second home is on the table.  The problem with Declan is that he gives away his devious actions by crying because he can get up but can't seem to get down.  When the fun is done and the brothers have left..he is stuck there..on top of the table waiting for a rescue.  They also love it when I will give them a snack at the table.  I have to be in right mood to let them eat out of their highchairs but hey..sometimes it can kill 15 minutes.  This picture is all 3 at the table but notice they are sitting nice..doesn't happen often.


April said...

I love seeing what I get to look forward to in a little over another year :)

Megan said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the comment and that your boys are cuties! Love their names as well!

Jessica said...

If you find a way to keep them off the table let me know, mine won't stay off of it and the baby is already trying to get up there. We are also into dragging the kitchen chairs around the house. Fun, fun!
Oh and I have to ask, are you in Michigan? I saw one of your posts about the Detroit News so thought you might be. We are in Southeast MI.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jessica said...

We are in Lake Orion so very close, how funny!