Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ask Me ANYTHING you want?

My husband, David loved dinner time with the kids and he often starts interesting conversations the kids while at dinner.  The other night he asked the question, "Ask me anything you want".  Ask this question to a couple of 8 year old boys and a 5 year old girl and this is what you get. 

Liam...."How thick and big is the planet earth"?  Of course David had an answer to it but I did not take notes to give you the answer.

Eamon..."Did it take more than 10 relationships to go thru to get to mom"?  This kid is hilarious.  What was actually on his mind?  David answered and told Eamon that yes Dad had some other relationships but not more than 10 (liar).  David was convinced that Eamon was thinking about how many girlfriends you have to have before you find your wife...I guess.  Interesting to say the least.

Mairin...."Dad, so when a girl drops her books on the floor and a boy comes and picks them up for her and as he is handing them to the girl he looks in her eyes and smiles...then you know you will marry him ..right Dad?  Clearly this from some TV show.  I laughed outloud at this one.  Mairin is wayyyyy ahead of her game.

Try this game some night at the dinner table.  It provides lots of laughs and you get all kinds of interesting questions.

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Sally said...

very interesting on how little brains work....Be fun to put some predictions around this one...Eamon will marry, have a family young - stay with her forever...Liam, no time for women, are you crazy, there's stuff to learn, the world to see...Mairin - this could go so many ways.

Pretty cool you are documenting this for future references!