Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Livin The Dream

This seems to be my slogan for today.  My husband called from work and says, how is it going?  I say..Livin the Dream Baby...Just Livin The Dream.

The dream that I live could be considered a nightmare to some but I would have to say that most of the time it is the dream..but not always.  Summer break is all about taking it one day at a time.  You can't sit down with a calendar and count exactly how many days you will be home alone with 6 kids.  You must just wake up and go with the day that God has given you.  I find it funny living with my sister who is a teacher.  She says that she feels like her summer is slipping away so fast and I look at her...almost startled...thinking...slipping away..no actually I think it is going along quite nicely.  I guess it is all about perspective.

Today I got out for a couple of hours and the older kids spent the day at the pool with Aunt Myrna.  We are all home now and just got word that David is working late.  Ok so that confirms a trip to the park this afternoon and no formal dinner needed.  The older kids are currently working on their paint by number pictures. This is hour #4 in the past 2 days that they have sat at the kitchen table painting away.  I did good with this purchase...so good that I went back to Michaels today and bought more.  I just love it when I find something that is inexpensive and it keeps their interest for so long. 

Yesterday we had to get a bit creative in keeping everyone happy and entertained so the babies had lunch served in the garage.  Remember that I run out of things to do so playing in the garage is still one of our favorites.  I didnt feel like messing up the kitchen so I made a makeshift table with an empty diaper box, put their food on a paper plate and told them to have at it.  They were like ants that swarmed the box and stuffed food in as fast as they could.  I organized my shelves, filled up the garage fridge with pop and juice and we all had fun. 


Christina said...

I'm glad to hear your summer is going good, your handling it so great! I would be DONE by now! ;)

Kris said...

I am sitting here having a cup of coffee while listening to my children play and checking out my favorite blogs. Yours is always one of inspiration. I just have to say you are one amazing Mommy.

I know how that is to do what you can to keep the kids entertained. I found these awesome canvases at Michael's that had a fun picture on them and included the paint and a brush. My kids have been working on them the past month. They like to paint a little of it at a time. These too were cheap, but lots of entertainment.

Happy Summer!

the logan crew said...

LOVE your posts :-) Great idea to do the vacation with the bigs...they appreciate the time. We do the same with my 4 year old. He enjoys his time.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Jen Logan

Jessica said...

I can SO identify with the endless days! You have such great ideas for keeping the kids busy.