Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Michigan Vacation with Triplets, Twins and A Single!!!!!

hah....Not really.  We have not gotten up the courage to do vacation with everyone yet.  We are still in a divide and conquer mindset.  We did not all go on vacation together....but everyone did get a change of scenery and were spoiled for the matter where they were.

On Sunday we packed up for the week and headed north.  We had to stop off in Stanton to pick up the older boys (they spent the week at grandma and grandpas for camp) and drop off the triplets with Heidi and Grandma and Grandpa.  Heidi was yet again...willing to take on the triplets for the week so we could take the older kids.  We left on Monday morning..just the 5 of us...on our way to Glen Arbor, Michigan.  We had rented a tiny cottage (dollhouse like) for 3 nights and we had no plans other than to move at our own pace and do whatever we wanted to.  We quickly found the favorite activity was climbing the Dunes (Sleeping Bear Dunes).  Our cottage was a mile away so every morning we started the day with a dune climb and ended the day (sometimes 9 or 10pm at night) with a dune climb.  The kids loved it and we enjoyed some nice chats..sitting on the tailgate of the Expedition while the kids went up and down the dunes.  David and I always try to take a family vacation and a "David and Heather" vacation every year but I must say..the older the kids get the easier and easier the family vacation becomes.  I figure we will add the triplets in 2 more years.

We spent the days touring around Glen Arbor, Leeland, Leelenaw Pennisula, Traverse City, Torch Lake and where ever else we drove by.  We usually kept the bathing suits in the truck and would stop off regularly whenever we saw water or a beach.  We did the day at Pirates Cove and the kids went wild...we visited a couple museums, ventured out to see some lighthouses and did lots of good old together time.  The vacation was one that I will remember and I hope the kids do as well.  Each year we have been trying to visit different waterfront towns along Lake Michigan.  We have almost covered the West side. 

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Christina said...

Wow that looks amazing. Ive never been up there. We live 2 hours south of Chicago, so we head up to Lake Geneva Wisconsin in the summer. :) We tried one family vacation last year, and realized until they are out of diapers, and not sleeping in cribs, we should keep them home, lol. Me and hubby always try and get a weekend alone together also.
Glad you guys had a nice trip!