Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Session For Twins, A Single and Triplets....Need I Say More

It was time again to conquer the impossible and attempt an outdoor photo session for the kids.  The triplets are 18  months old and it has been a yearsince we took our last group photo.  I decided to use our dear friend, Kim Kozlowski to take the photos for us.  She took the 9 month photos of the triplets so she is used to chaos.   We decided to do the photos in a common area in a surrounding neighborhood (thanks Sally for sharing your area with us). 

The preparation for this glorious event was rather time consuming to say the least.  I decided that I wanted to do a "match match" session.  Thank goodness there are so many private schools around that require dress codes because I was able to find lots of white shirts and khaki shorts...everywhere.  I also brought some props to use.  The biggest ordeal was coming up with enough "new" things that I could pull out to quickly entertain the kids.  I got some mini windmills, baseballs, kick balls, squish balls and of course good snacks.  I got tootsie pops, licorice and veggie straws.  Let me tell you....we used everything I brought. 

Prior to this shoot I had a sit down talk with the older kids and I told them the following:

"Ok so we are going to get our pictures taken and I need help from you guys. Mom gets kind of grumpy during picture days so please please please listen to me and pay attention. Now lets practice our smiles. Liam I don't want the fake smile so here let me tickle you..yep that is the smile I want, Eamon lets see your smile...perfect. Mairin your turn...great.  Now I need everyone to do everything mom asks and we will get thru this"

Everyone got dressed and of course I noticed a tattoo on Mairin's arm....nail polish remover please.  Eamon decided to do an art project right before so he came into the kitchen with marker all over his hands.  Momma was gettin' really grumpy and starting to sweat before we even got out the door.  Thank goodness Heidi was around and she knows me well enough to just jump in and help me stay calm.  We got most of the marker off of the hands with lots of scrubbing and tattoo removed (Mairin don't put on anymore tattoos until you ask me, OK)

I arrived on site and since I put all the kids in white shirts I didn't let them out of the car until we were ready to go.  The session started with a couple of cute shots and it didn't take but a minute before Colin decided that he wanted to be on the other side of the common area.  He would get up from whereever we placed him and take off in a full sprint.  Most of the shots will probably be 5 kids sitting and Colin running towards the camera.  Colin then decided to chill out half way thru the session but then Finn lost his coolness.  Finn, all of a sudden wanted nothing to do with walking and taking pictures.  He became either a fixture on my hip or a screaming, tear filled little man.  Eamon, Liam and Mairin did ok but they were trying to help out but they would look at the babies rather than the camera so we had many times that someone wasn't looking.  Liam needed a talking in the middle of the session because he wanted the baseball and mitt in every picture.  I did the whisper yell.(you know..when you whisper in the ear and the tone is just like you are yelling).  I thought we were finished only to find out that Eamon and Liam wanted a "sports shot".  Kim was so gracious to let them pose their own shot. 

We had Heidi, Sally and myself carrying, chasing and bribing babies and after an hour we were all exhausted.  I was sweating and emotionally exhausted.  I have not seen any of the pics but you will have to stay tuned to see if any turned out.  I have to commend Kim Kozlowski for acting so calm and cool and she never appeared to look nervous or stressed at all.  Kim you are the best.

It may be at least another year before I attempt this feat again......ahhhhhhhh!


Kimberly & Alex said...

I can't wait to see the pics! Either way you certainly captured some memories! It is exhausting getting pics taken. But I know I'll appreciate it some day. Sigh

amy said...

How funny! I have trouble just with my twins! :) They're close to your triplets' age- my girls were born in Sept '08. I popped over from Multiples and More. Love your blog and you have a precious family!