Friday, July 9, 2010

Sam's Club With All 6 Kids?????

It was around 9am this morning and I had finished my coffee and I decided it was time to go somewhere.  I asked my sister Heidi if she was up for a Sam's Club run (got to love Heidi..she will run errands with me anytime).  She was in so we packed up the kids.  I decided rather than leave the older ones home lets try it with all of them (please note that David is home this week so they would have been left home alone).  They suggested that if they do go that we could get them some pizza for breakfast.  I must have been in a good mood because I agreed...on one condition.  They had to be nice, polite, quiet, walking little beings.  We arrived and they were angels.  We were greeted at the door with a lady who said, "wow, you are gutsy".  We had 2 carts and 6 kids in tow.  We grabbed all that we needed and the older ones helped unload all of  the stuff.  Heidi checked to see if they were serving pizza at 9:45am.  Of course they had 2 pizzas ready.  We sat down and ate.  Heidi and I fed the babies and kept them in the cart while Eamon, Liam and Mairin sat very nice and ate their pizza.  The trip was a success and only a couple of looks and several stares.  We decided to stop by the park to play on the way home to burn off some more energy (love stopping when I have all of this help).  The pizza must have been extra greasy because first we watched Declan stop in his tracks with a red face.. to push one out, then Finn stopped at the top of the slide and he made fists, red faced and I could smell the results of what he produced.  Colin followed in a few minutes and before I knew it the older 3 all came running up to me saying they had to go "big bathroom".  Ok well we cant do that at the park so lets head home.  Good thing the park was close to home because the truck stunk so bad..Heidi and I were breathing in our shirts to mask the stink. home and changed 3 diapers while Eamon, Liam and Mairin each ran to a bathroom.   Not a bad morning.


Christina said...

LOL, that was funny. :)

.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

lol, funny story but gla dthey were good at Sam's

Sally said...

What a great story - I would love you to just take the camcorder with you one day to capture reactions!