Monday, July 26, 2010

There Are Good Days and There Are Tough Days with Triplets, Twins and A Single

We are flying into August without too many days of ...I'm bored...actually that is not allowed here.  Once those words are gets angry and the feelings of how ungrateful these children are begin to take over me.  I have to then..stop and remember that they are little kids and instead of letting the frustration overwhelm me I need to take the time to explain, teach and help them to understand that everyday is not intended to be a visit to Disneyland or all about them.  Today their dad took them outside before he left for work and told the boys and Mairin what weeds needed to be pulled and how it needed to be done before he got home from work.  David was out the door by 8:30am and by 8:35am the boys were skipping breakfast to get out there to get it done.  The weeds surrounded our play area so there was a fair amount of work involved but come on....we are not slave drivers.  They picked for a good hour and then I was ready to take the kids to the park so I had them come in.  Eamon asked me, "Mom do you think it is ok to come in since we are not done with our job yet?" "Do you think Dad will be mad if we don't get it done"?  I smiled and thought to this is really the response you want right..."Eamon I think we can go to the park and I think you will have plenty of time to come back and do some more later..before dad gets home".  We did the park and Heidi took them to the beach for the afternoon and upon our return the boys went back out to get all of the weeds picked.  David arrived home from work and they met him with big smiles saying they were ready for inspection.  David gave them all handshakes and told them they were good men and  a good little girl (Mairin didn't do much..lets all be real)

Friday was a whole different story.  The bugger Mott kids came out.  Everyone had finished breakfast and I was cleaning up and everyone was under my feet and things were just starting out kind of crazy.  I know my limits so I decided to have the older kids take the triplets outside (in the fenced in area..where I can see them thru the window) so that I could finish cleaning up and make 3 phone calls to schedule 3 doctor and dentist appointments.  Sounds like an easy task...15 minutes at the max and then I would take over...nope not that day.  Liam comes in and says he is hungry.." just ate..get outside with your brothers".  Then I hear crying while I am on hold.  The triplets are all standing with their arms up against the sliding glass door..crying...trying to get in.  The older kids are just walking around, swinging...."hello everyone..this is your job"  Then Eamon came up and said that Colin fell.  I run down there and notice that the older ones are less than interested in even throwing a ball to entertain the triplets.  I threatened to cancel any future playdates, pointed my finger at each one of them and explained how they have responsibilities and they need to take care of their little brothers.  I walked away back on the phone to make all of my appointments.  A couple of deep breaths and a task completed.... I went down and joined my poor little guys.  I gave up on my frustration and told the older ones that they were ok to go.  Uggggghhhh...Each day brings different responses I guess.

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Kimberly & Alex said...

Don't some days seem more challenging than others?