Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't Even Ask Where I Have Been??

It all started last Monday.  The bug that grabbed our home and took on prisoners one by one.  This nasty bug only lasts a mere 24 hours but will wipe you out in that time.  Fever, headache and occasional throw up seems to be the thing to expect.  It hit us and it hit at a time.  Today we are officially done...well David is the only one to have survived it for now.  It started with Finn and then Mairin took over.  Declan jumped in on day 3, Liam wanted to join in on day 4 and Colin wrapped up the babies on day 5.  My little Eamon and myself both had it yesterday.  David is wonderful...he took care of everything yesterday while I was up in bed.  I did not even leave my room yesterday.  This has been a miserable week.  We haven't gone anywhere,  we haven't done much and we are all a bit grumpy.  Looking forward to a great Monday.


wonderchris said...

Glad to hear the bug has passed! Have a great (puke-free) Monday!!!

Angela said...

REally hope you are all well now! Yuck!