Monday, August 9, 2010

My Summer Survival Secrets

It just hit me...we have about 1 month left before my boys become 3rd graders and my little princess is a Kindergartner.  I am so happy to say that this summer has not been as nearly as scary as I had anticipated.  There are of course many reasons why I have survived. 

****Our Neighbor's have a daughter who is Mairin's best friend.  They have a super Nanny and they do lots of play dates.
****Our Beach down the road has been a lifesaver for our whole family.  Friday night barbecue, daytime mom chats while kids play and evening swims with the babies.  This is definitely one of my simple summer pleasures.
****Marcia...She is the reason I can leave the house on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I know she is anxious for the kids to go back to school too but she takes on all 6 of my kids like it is no big deal.  I am sane because of the hours that Marcia is with us.
****Heidi....Heidi has basically made certain that the kids have seen all of the latest movies, are up on the latest things and they have enough Heidi time or Mom time (whichever she thinks is needed at the time)  Heidi is the reason I am able to run down to the beach with the older 3 and hang out....
****My Husband...He works all day and comes home and often has to deal with me in a grumpy mood after a day with kids.  He takes it all in stride and tells me to go if I need to or he will just jump in and help out and it makes the rest of my day manageable.  He rarely complains and goes with the flow.  Love him too.

These are my secrets for making it thru the summer with all 6 kids.  I'm sure there are many more things that have aided to my sanity but these are the few that came to mind.   We have another month of being at home and I know now we are in the home stretch.  There are always challenges it is just a matter what challenge faces you at what time. 

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