Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things That Drive Me Crazy

There are things that drive me crazy.  Do you have things that drive you crazy?  Here are a few of mine

1. Triplets throwing food on the floor
2. Construction on Telegraph Road
3. Leaving the family room a train wreck before going to bed
4. McDonaldworkers that move terribly slow
5. Comments about my triplets..."Oh I feel sorry for you", "Im glad it is you and not me"
6. Missing Friday night at the beach during the summer months
7. Triplets playing in toilets
8. Eamon, Liam or Mairin yelling and waking up a baby from a nap
9. Gap and Old Navy...when they don't let me use my bonus cash during a sale.
10. Eating at a restaurant and having the waitress take my plate before I am finished..rushing me

Hah that was kind of fun.  The final  weeks are approaching before school starts and I feel so fortunate to have survived the summer and I really think my kids enjoyed themselves.  These past couple of weeks have been full of sleepovers and lots of playdates.  I am also ramping up for what the triplets and I will be doing once school starts.  I want to get some exercise going and get some weekly activities for the trips to do. 

I am very anxious to see what teachers the kids will get this year.  We are splitting the twins up this year so it will be very interesting to see how the first couple of weeks go.  Mairin is ready to go.  She will ride the bus with her brothers and she is so excited to go. 


Jessica said...

Great list, the food throwing drives me INSANE!

Josh Healy said...

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tamipratt said...

I had triplets with a year old son already they are beautiful ah two boys survived the little girl pasted it's been crazy feeling confused about the whole thing you have a nice family congratulations. Tami