Monday, August 23, 2010

Triplets..1 Hair Puller..1 Biter...1 Hitter...

This is getting crazy.  Colin enjoys hitting his brothers on the top of their heads when he gets frustrated or when I toy is taken away.  Declan's favorite activity is grabbing a hand full of hair and walking the other way.  He does not let go.  You end up prying his little fingers open.  Finn is my biter.  He gets his brothers on the back and it can happen if someone even looks at his cars.  Finn is obsessed with his little matchbox cars and everyone needs to stay away.  There seems to be a lot of fighting happening now and I know it is just going to get worse before it gets better.  Oh and there is also a lot of head butting going on to.  They do that to each other if their hands are full of treasures. 

Life is going along pretty well.  We are 20 months old now and we are everywhere.  My favorite places to go are fenced in areas.  I am finding though that I can handle them and they are starting to listen more and more.  I think it is going to keep getting easier to take them out and about.  This fall I hope to begin some trips to the library and get on a more regular schedule.  Hey maybe even some exercise too...Gosh I need it.  Our photo shoot pictures came back and I am pleased.  If you are not a facebook friend of mine than here they are...if you are facebook friend than I am sorry to bore you with more pics.  This is a terrible age to do photo sessions.  They don't listen..they don't sit...they do whatever they want and you are at the mercy of their mood.  We got 1 group shot and the rest are individuals.  Thanks Kim ( Enjoy
Liam, Mairin and Eamon..Gosh they are growing up

Finn was hating all of this

Colin is always throwing a ball
Finn cried thru most of the photos but a sucker worked for a minute
Declan kept eating...and eating...and eating..what a peach
I had to leave this one for last because I need to tell you that all 6 were in the Expedition with a movie on while we got everything situated.  I put on a second shirt over their "white" shirts in order to avoid any possible screwup.  I parked the car next to this grassy area.  I warned the older 3 that we needed to really listen today.  We took the shirts off, took the shoes off and each triplet was unloaded and handed off to an older sibling.  They were instructed to grab hands and just start walking across the grass.  I am in front of them woo hoo look is very good at what she does as she was just snapping and snapping more photos.  It was crazy but worth every moment and every penny.


Nicole said...

talking of photos...
I was just writing about our first christmas picture with 1 year old triplets...
You know what I wrote!! :-)

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing! They all turned out so great! Love the one of the six of them! Can't wait for our shoot...or can I? I really need to get with FB! Hugs!

Kimberly said...

WOW! Love all the pics, but esp the lat one. A group pic with 6 is amazing!