Saturday, September 25, 2010

Does Life With 6 kids Get Any Better Than This?

Last night the school held an "ice cream social".  We packed the family of 8 up in the truckster and headed out with stroller in tow.  The kids were very anxious to go and see their buddies and I was looking forward to meeting with teachers and seeing some of the parents.  All the ice cream was $1.00 so I made sure and David had enough cash for all of us..LOL.  The trips sat in their stroller just mesmerized by all of the activity that was happening in front of them.  There were a ton of people there and of course as we entered we received the normal looks, double takes and second looks.  My social husband took off for the ice cream and in the meantime came across several of the dad's that we know from various school activities and sporting events.  It turned out to be a nice evening and everyone enjoyed.

David and I got up this morning at 7am to exercise and by 8:30am I had my coffee in hand and was out the door ready to paint the shed.  I decided to switch rolls this morning just for fun. David you stay inside and take care of things while I go out and paint.  While you are inside you have to do what I usually do ...ok???? I came in from painting to find the following:

Liam attempting the carry the vacuum down the stairs to vacuum up all of the crap that tends to make it on the basement floor.  Mairin was taking charge of the entryway by putting away all of the shoes.   Eamon was carrying laundry baskets down the stairs full of dirty clothes from all of the rooms.  David had begun to dismantle the kitchen to do one of his "master" cleans.  Ahhhh does it get any better than this?  I finished the painting by 11am and took a trip to the grocery store.  The babies were eating lunch when I returned home and we finished up and put them to bed.  David took a break and ate lunch and then off to the auto parts store to get some break pads for my beast of a vehicle. He wanted to change those out before date night tonight.  Dinner and a movie this evening (with just my hubby) to finish off what so far has turned out to be a nearly perfect day with lots of kids. (Heidi called on Tuesday to ask if she could babysit on Saturday night so we could go out)

So one last time.....Does life get any better than this with Twins, Triplets and A Single

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Christina said...

Dang. That is a good day!! I'm jealous! You guys rock!! :)