Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning To Love Shalimar Perfume

Every night when we announce bedtime, all 3 of the kids run upstairs and get ready for bed.  Mairin always has to come down at least once to tell us about how she is thirsty or that she needs a bandaid for something.  Lately she comes down with a strong scent that follows her.  I finally asked her, "Mairin what is that smell"? She smiles and says, "mom, it is my perfume".  Mairin why do you put it on at night?  "It makes me sleepy" she says.  She doesn't just put a little on, she puts alot on.  I walked by her room last night to pull her door close and the wave of Shalimar that was lingering at her door made me laugh...out loud...all by myself.  She cracks me up.  Now let me give you the story of why she even has Shalimar perfume.

Billy Mott (David's Brother) is Mairin's godfather.  Billy and Nadine had Mairin over for a sleepover for her birthday this past year and Nadine (bless her heart) has a box of odds and ends that she lets her granddaughter, nieces and nephews or whoever pick a "treat" from.  Rumor has it that Nadine has more bottles of Shalimar than the local department store.  She will never run out due to Billy's love of this particular scent.  Mairin picked the bottle of perfume as her treat and in less than a year the bottle is nearly gone.  Billy and Nadine's daughter, Colleen, babysits for me on Wednesday's when I have to take Mairin to swimming and even she walked past Mairin's room...immediatley recognized the scent and made a comment yesterday.  Clearly uncle Billy has a problem and is a little too addicted to Shalimar. 

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Anonymous said...

I DO LOVE Shalimar and I amso pleae that my goddaughter has likewise an affection for the scent. (Tho she is a tad bit young for that adult aroma!)

Uncle Billy