Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Tooth Fairy Takes FOREVER To Come.....

Child #3 is beginning to lose her teeth so you would think by now I would be good at the "tooth fairy" thing.  I screwed up AGAIN 2 nights ago.  Mairin lost a tooth, told me all about it and asked me where she should put it.  I recommended putting it under her pillow but on the outside edge. (the tooth fairy has many stops and the quicker she can move on to the next house..the better).  Mairin went off to bed and I said to myself, "don't forget to put the dollar under the pillow before you go to bed".  Morning comes and Mairin comes storming into our room at 7:30am.  "Mom quess what?...the tooth fairy didn't come last night" she is holding the tooth in her hand.  I look at David and he looks at me..we smile and say...hummm I bet the tooth fairy was really busy last night....put it back under your pillow and she will come.  Well Mairin ran out of the room so I closed my eyes for what I thought was a couple minutes and then an hour later Mairin comes in again.  "mom..I laid down for another hour and the tooth fairy still hasn't come".  I am laughing now and saying, "oh shit" to myself.  Mairin the tooth fairy will not come if you are awake.  Mairin ended up going to Aunt Myrna's for a sleepover so that evening I remembered to put a dollar up under her pillow and when she returns she will be happy.

Ahh I am so bad with the tooth fairy thing.  I remember a couple of years back when Eamon lost a tooth and I think it took the tooth fairy close to 10 days to make it to our house.  The tooth fairy was so busy and then his wings were tired and then he couldn't find the tooth and hummm there were many other reasons why the fairy didn't come.  The morning of day 10 or so..Eamon came down so frustrated so I secretly grabbed a dollar and I said to Eamon, "I am gonna go look".   I ran upstairs while he was following me and I quickly scanned my arm under his pillow, let go of the dollar, lifted the pillow and said, "Eamon you just didn't look good enough, here it is".  He totally feel for it and said, "awww mom you are the best". 

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