Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pick Your Battles

I wonder what my kids will think and say about their childhood when they grow up.  I am one of those unpredictable moms at times.  Somedays I can let everything go and just laugh and play and other days if you look at me wrong you are in a timeout.  I am so consistant on some things and other things I feel like I am emotional parenting.  I can go days without requiring the boys and Mairin to make their beds and then all of a sudden I am on them to do that...etc...  I usually require I healthy (well sort of) meal and if you want another bagel you need to have an apple or banana first.  Other days I say forget the apple and banana..get in the car ...we are going to McDonalds.  Will the kids think I was consistant or will they think mom was just crazy?  This brings me to the babies just the other day. 

I took the boys to hockey and dropped them off with David and on our way home it was 6pm or so.  I usually get them out of their seats and we go directly inside and stay in the "gated area".  I asked Mairin if she wanted to help me and she was interested so I got them out and we ran up and down the hill ...all free of gates and fences.  I got really crazy and turned on the sprinkler and let them all play in the water fully clothed.  I knew it was gonna be a bigger mess for me to clean them up but really it was fun.  I had to grab my camera cause they all loved it.  It was a good hour of fun.  These are the days when I pick my battles and keeping everything proper and clean isn't all that important. 

We also started our first dinner course outside.  Watermelon on the blacktop.  Then we moved inside, dried off and as I was putting stuff away I set out some veggie snacks.  I came back into the family room and noticed that dinner was served coffee table top.  They were so happy eating and watching Barney that I just let them have dinner on the table. 


April said...

I think you're doing fantastic. And there certainly is nothing wrong with a little spontaneity! I remember my mom making us eat our veggies every night, but also every once in awhile making homemade onion rings, and sneaking in candy to movie theaters. :) Your kids will remember you trying to have them do the "right" things, and you sometimes doing fun, spur of the moment things! At the end of the day, if they're alive and fed you did your job. If they're clean as well, bonus points to you! ;) You're an inspiration!

Megan said...

Love the faces they have on the coffee table!