Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Triplet Trouble, Twin Tweaks and Single Sweetness

We seem to be still staying a float. Week 3 of the school year and things are now beginning to get into the groove.  We have a ton of stuff to fit in each evening but we seem to be managing.  The bus drops Mairin, Eamon and Liam off the bus.  The triplets are also getting up at that time.  I have been preparing a snack tray for them to snack on (apples, grapes, cheese, ham and crackers).  We play outside until about 6pm and then come in for dinner.  The older kids either play outside with us or they are inside doing homework.  I try to have dinner done and cleaned up by 7pm and then from 7 til 8 we let the trips play and David and I will either read with Mairin, help out with any homework that needs attention, talk about the day at school, family room clean up and pack up some lunches for the next day.  I am very into having everything done by 8pm when the triplets go to bed so that I can sit down and relax for a little while too.  It doesn't always work but it works for us. 

Hockey for the boys is getting more involved and I can see the schedules starting to fill up.  Mairin does her swimming up to 3 days a week...completely optional but available.  I carpool with our neighbors so it takes some of the driving burden out of it.  The boys are also trying out a lacrosse class on Sundays.  We haven't "gone out" persay since school started and I think it is because when Friday comes we are just ready to let loose of the schedule. 

The kids immediately remembered Junk Food Friday so we had to get that going again. We took a break over the summer since many days were junk food friday.  For those of you who do not know what that is....Every Friday we will do pizza, burgers or some sort of junk food carryout.  No vegetables and no fruit for that dinner.  It is nice for me since I am not cooking and the kids like it and look forward to it. I try my best to keep everyone on a good food pyramid during the week.  These schedules are proving to really make my goals hard to reach some days. 

We have also been busy trying to stay coordinated on who is going where and what is happening on any particular night.  We have a sitter on Wednesdays because of the overlap of me needing to take Mairin to swimming and David not yet home from work.  I think this is only going to get more and more intense.  My latest thing is installing "all recipes" on my phone so that I can make more casseroles and get somemore easy dinner ideas.

The triplets got haircuts today.  I felt they needed to get cleaned up and I am not a personal fan of crazy curly hair.  I love it on many kids but I am always comparing Colin to the nutty professor and Finn looks like he stuck his head out of the car window ...all of the time....My structured life seems to bleed into their haircuts too.  (Dear god ..please grant me the ability to be laid back and let things like haircuts roll off my back someday) We arranged to see my hair stylist (connie beach) she is wonderful and was great.  Declan smiled throughout the haircut as long as we kept his mouth full of smartie candy.  Colin cried the entire time in the chair and nothing made him stop.  Finn cried until you found another matchbox car and then he would stop momentarily...needless to say we ran out of cars before the cut was done.  We were in and out in a little over an hour.  They took great naps after and all was good.  Here is a before and after picture.  I didnt even realize I put them in the same seats both times...scary..

BEFORE....Wild Man, Nutty Professor and Spaz
AFTER...They Don't Even Recognize Each Other

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