Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boogies and Toots

Do you ever have that day when you constantly look at your babies and there is a steady stream of clear/green or yellow boogies heading into their mouths.  They go thru several outfits because of the spider web looking snot that dries on the front of them and they look so "trailer park" that you feel guilty?  Uggh, needless to say we have been doing outside activities since I cannot take them anywhere this is inside or I will be considered the "bad mom"  that takes her kids and gets everyone elses kids sick.  We went to a park on Monday at 9:45am with the temp of 55 degrees.  I thougth it was a bit cold but they loved it.  Flow boogies flow.

The trips have been starting to point to their diapers and they say, "uck uck..poop".  I love it and it makes me laugh everytime because they are really trying to tell me and I am amazed at how the little devils are growing up.  The best is when they "toot" (have gas) and they hit their diapers and say "uck uck".  I tell them, "yes yes....that is uck uck".  Hummm I wonder if we are starting (just starting) down the long long long path for potty training boys.  No worry ....Heather doesn't even start that for a long time.  I am in fact...dreading that day when we do that.

I hope you noticed that I called them devils?  Yep they are becoming more and more devilish.  Last night I was trying to fix dinner, help out with some homework, answer questions and do whatever else a mom does at 6pm on a school night.  The trips were quiet so I was just going about my duties.  Eamon comes out into the kitchen and says, "Oh No Mom"  a comment like that always makes me skip a heartbeat and it spikes my blood pressure for a second.  I always respond with a frantic but stern "wwhaaaaaat".  The kids know not to say something like that in our house without it being warranted.  Eamon proceeds with, "mom the babies just threw all of shoes down the stairs". Oh dear lord no.  We have a shoe bin in the entryway and it has 4 large bins of shoes.  There are shoes for the entire family in this bin and there are many shoes in these bins.  I look at the bottom of the stairs to see a large mound of shoes.  They were each taking 1 shoe at a time and throwing them down and laughing.  I just started yelling, "No No No No".   My wonderful boys offered to take the bins down the stairs and bring all of the shoes upstairs.  Got to love love love helpful 8 year old twins.  I really think that Eamon and Liam know when mom is gonna lose it because often they step up to the plate at just the perfect times.  Needless to say we locked the basement door when we retrieved all of the shoes. 

(P.S....this title comes from Aunt Beth.  I used it in a different way but the phrase "boogies and toots" makes me laugh everytime.  Beth used to get tired of the kids asking what was for dinner so she would respond to them with, "we are having boogies and toots for dinner".  You cant forget something that funny.  Thanks Beth for the fun title)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, they definitely have colds but they are still good natured! Amazing!!