Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Comment Of The Day

I was dropping off my triplets at "moms morning out" which is held at our church and as I was leaving a gentleman stopped and said, "Are you the mom with the triplets"?  I said yes (thinking inside...oh here we go again..prepare for a comment).  He says, "thank you for having lots of kids, our population is decreasing and it is a good thing to have kids". I was ok well you are welcome and thanks for the kind words.  This man is a grandpa and he has 2 grand kids that go to this  program.  I thought about his comments all week and this week I stopped him and said, "I just wanted to say thanks for your comments last made my week".  He of course smiled and I had to further explain that not everyone gives the same comments, looks or thoughts.  It was very refreshing to talk to someone who had raised his kids, now helping with the grand kids and truly loving every minute of it.  He ended with, "isn't this what life is all about".  He mentioned that I should enjoy it now because it took him till his grand kids to really really understand what a blessing kids are.  Hummm something to ponder. 


Molly S. said...

Heather, I get plenty of comments and I only have three kids. Things like, "What were you thinking?" "Just shoot me!" and "Did you do that on purpose?" Some people may just think they are trying to be funny, but it also seems that some have lost touch with what a blessing children are. I admire you and David for having a big family & finding joy amidst the chaos.

Angela said...

Love it! Boy, that would be a nice change from the other reactions we get! I do try to slow down and chat with the elderly people we meet when we go out. They are usually so excited and interested and sweet! lunch'll find a lot of pretty silver hair there then!

And I also am very proud of our Big family! It's a dream we never thought would be a reality! And am loving almost every minute! Hugs!