Friday, October 29, 2010

Here Is The Rest Of The Story...Crisco vs Cream Cheese

Is everyone familiar with "Crisco"?  You know the shortening that used to come in the blue can and you kept it in the cupboard (no need for refrigeration).  If you remember that than you should also know that Crisco now comes in the foil wrapped bars and it reads Crisco on the package.  I hardly ever use Crisco but I needed 2 tablespoons in order to make my mom's sugar cookie frosting a couple weeks ago.  I didn't really know what to do with the left over so I put the foil wrapped partial bar in the refrigerator.  This information is critical to the rest of the story.

It seems like every weekend the hockey games and practices are always so early and even though I dream of sleeping thru 2 boys and 1 man trying to get out of the never happens.  The male species has no idea how much noise they really make.  If I have to leave early I make it a challenge not to turn any lights on...tip toe down the stairs and close the front door very slowly and quietly.  The boys do the opposite on each of the points I just listed.  grrrrrrr!!!!  They were dressed and downstairs this past Saturday and after listening to them for 20 minutes I was awake so I thought I would head downstairs..if nothing else to just enjoy the quiet family room for the short time before the triplets needed to get up.  I get downstairs and I see a plate of 2 pieces of toast that each have 2 bites taken out of them and I see what appears to be either a thick layer of butter spread across the top or cream cheese...hummmm.   Eamon likes his butter thin and melted and neither of the kids like toast and cream cheese, they want a bagel with cream cheese.  Oh well...Dad's do things different than moms and different approaches can work equally as well.  The boys were finishing putting on their gear and David was pouring his coffee as I approached the uneaten toast. I picked up a piece and decided to take a bite.  BIG MISTAKE! It was not butter and it was not cream was Crisco shortening.  I ran to the paper towels and began wiping out the roof of my mouth.  "David, what the heck are you doing?  Why did you put Crisco on Eamon's toast".  It was like a deer in headlights.  "What? huh? No? Really" I took a minute and got of the shortening out of my mouth and by that time David had looked over to the toast and said, "oh gross, no wonder Eamon didn't want it, he said it tasted funny but I thought he was just being difficult" David was still confused.  He said he put cream cheese on the toast and I went to the refrigerator and pulled out the Crisco. "Is this what you put on it?" He answered with a confused "yes". I showed him the label and he responded with, "but Crisco comes in a blue can".  Yes David it did come in a blue can back in 1965 and it probably still does but ever since 1980 it comes in neat little foil bars.  Seriously it was gross at the time but very very laughable now.  He will not ever live this one down.

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