Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Things That Make A Fun Weekend

It started on this past Friday evening....the start of a good weekend.  We went to the neighbors house for sushi night.  It was fantastic.  4 adults and 8 kids and we all had fun.  The triplets were playing great up until 11:30pm.  (we have never kept them out that late...hummm love how they adapt).  We were able to enjoy some adult conversation while the kids had fun. 

It was a little bit of a slow go...getting up on Saturday morning but we all finally got up and headed out to the "Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk".  We have a good friend that we support (Team Vinnie).  The event was a great success this year.  The weather made it such a great day to be out with the family.  David suggested we all  go out to lunch after the Buddy Walk and although I was a bit hesitant...I decided ...lets do it.  We all walk into the Coney Island and no kidding...I think everyone noticed us and we were even being quiet.  I felt the red coming over my face and over to the corner table we went.  David grabbed a stack of highchairs and I quickly lead the 6 to a table.  We got everyone seated and immediately ordered for the kids.  The food came quickly (thank goodness) and as soon as it did Colin decided to start his crying.  I asked the waitress for boxes..just in case we had to make a mad dash out of the restaurant.   I tried everything to quiet Colin down and nothing was working so David took him outside.  (I felt the stares starting from around the restaurant.  My worst nightmare was coming true.  I was taking deep breaths and saying to myself...we can make it)It turns out that I didn't need to panick, they walked around and then came back.  Colin was fine and we finished our lunch.  I think we were in and out in 30 minutes...no need sticking around and waiting for a meltdown. 

Sunday brought church in the morning and an afternoon of pumpkin carving.  I set up the workspace out in the grass and away we went.  Each of the older 3 carved their own.  Well Mairin needed some help but they all seemed to like the project.  I had to help alot so I didn't end up carving my own...bummer...I saved the seeds and I will be roasting them soon.  The pumpkins are all displayed out in the front yard.

The day wore on and 4pm brought hockey practice.  I was able to stay home and hang out with Heidi and then after dinner David decided to have game night with the kids.  David loves to play the game "clue" so they set the game up in the dining room and I couldn't resist grabbing a picture of this.  David looks so into it.  What a sweet dad....

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Kimberly said...

what an awesome weekend! love the pic of playing clue with Dad, how sweet.