Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Days It All Makes Sense.

David had to be gone really early this morning so by the time I got up Eamon and Liam were eating their cereal at the kitchen table.  I walked in and said, "Good Morning Boys...Did you see dad before he left"?  They smiled and said yes and we have a message for you, from dad.  "Mom you are the most important person in our family and dad loves you very much".  Talk about jerkin a tear at 7:15am.  I smiled and they smiled and kind of giggled. I was putting together their lunches it all started to make sense. lucky am I to have such a special man in my life and more importantly how wonderful to have a husband who is teaching my to someday treat their wives.  I called David and told him thank you and he said the same thing...It is important for the boys to know how I feel about you.  WOW!!!. 

(P.S. please note that this is the downfall of having my so called diary get to hear the stuff that is sappy but I need to write it down so that I will remember and so that the kids can read about it someday)

I have spent most of the day thinking about how important it is to practice what you preach.  I watch how David treats me and I know it is just like how his dad treated his mom.  His dad always gave the credit to his mom and always put her on a pedastal.  David continues to take care of all of my needs no matter what it is.  He was influenced by what he saw when he was raised.  I too have certain expectations based on what I grew up with.  My parents are still happily married and although my family structure was slightly different I came away with many influences and many expectations when it comes to a relationship.  David's mother stayed home and raised 7 kids while my mother worked fulltime while my sister and I grew up.  Different situations and they both produce very interesting results.

I feel like I am getting my own class on how generations repeat themselves and sometimes bad situations and abusive relationships can repeat themselves if for nothing else because a child watches and learns from it.  This is so powerful but yet such a simple concept.  We have so much power as a parent or caregiver to stop bad cycles and help create positive change.

I am really thinking that based on what Eamon and Liam know already, by the time they are ready for a marriage they will be in high demand based on what their father has taught them.


Sally said...

great post mrs. mott. yes i will be fighting for one of the older two (for kate)!

L said...

tooo true. I never met my husbands dad but have learned through the years the relationship his mom and dad had ... We work on it every day but it is a tough hill to climb. You are so blessed and so will your sons wives be.

Angela said...

Amen! I'm so happy for you and your kiddos to have such a wonderful Father/Husband figure. I too love that my hubby is teaching our kids by example. I'm so grateful!