Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is worth a read....Daddy and The Triplets....ALONE

My husband is very active with all the kids but this particular evening seemed to be a night to remember.  He felt like they were out to get him from the moment I left the house. 

The older kids had a birthday party to attend to so we all left the house at 5pm.  David said that I could go ahead and just stay out until the party was over so I left the triplets home alone with their daddy.  The story that I got when I got home is worth a read. 

This is David's version..
I think they were out to get me.  I was watching the game and I noticed how quiet it got so I got up and called for them.  I could here some squeaks and peeps downstairs.  I headed downstairs to find all three of them huddled around the toilet bowl playing in the water.  I raised my voice and got them all out of there.  Finn was soaked.  Don't worry Heather..the toilet had clean water. I locked them out of the basement so that they were at least corralled to the main floor of the house. It seemed like it was just a minute and I heard "please hang up and dial again..your phone call cannot be completed as dialed".  All three of them had managed to arrange the kitchen chairs next to the counter and they were staring at the phone..on speaker  with the numbers 55555555555555 pressed.  Heather I didn't realize that they could maneuver around like that..they are smart.   I fed them dinner, a ham and cheese sandwich and a banana.  Finn passed all of the food that he didn't want to the tray next to him and Colin passed all of his to Declan to eat.  I got them all ready for bed and we walked upstairs.  I got them into bed and zipped up the crib tent for Colin (Colin fell out of his crib the other morning) and as I was saying prayers I turned to Finn just as he was toppling over..head first out of his crib at which point I redirected a prayer to me.  It seemed almost slow motion as I couldn't move fast enough to grab him in mid air.  I held him and I rubbed him down making sure no ribs where sticking out...arms were all working and once he calmed down I put him back to bed.  I headed downstairs and decided it was time for a drink.

Only a father of triplets, twins and a single deserves a drink after an evening like this.  The best part of this whole story is that David was laughing when he was telling me this and I believe that even though he was busy he enjoyed every minute of it.  There is nothing better than a dad enjoying his little ones while mom is out to play.   He got smiles and thanks from me as well because I had a nice evening out and he had some bonding time.


Christina said...

Haha!! He handled it well though huh? :)

Kimberly said...

That is awesome!!! I love it. I love Daddy's that enjoy being with their children. It makes all the difference in the world.

trooppetrie said...

I love to hear about other wonderful husbands, i can so hear my husband telling this story