Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Another Week In The Life of Triplets, Twins and a Single

Ok everyone well here are a couple of stories that might make you smile or roll your eyes..either way it is what's happing at the Mott house.  Sunday morning I decided to take the boys to hockey practice.  The practice started at 7am so we have to get up at 6am because there is gear to put on, breakfast to eat and lord knows a pot of coffee needs to be made as well.  We decided to hit breakfast after practice before coming home.  We arrive home and David has the babies in their chairs eating breakfast. It takes about 30 minutes before David says, "oh yeah Finn got out of his crib this morning".  I of course want the details and how come it took you so long to tell me.  I guess he climbed out and went down 2 flights of stairs to the basement where David later found him playing quietly with his cars. David said he heard the clicking of a door knob downstairs and that is what made him get up and check.  He went into the babies room to find everyone but Finn.  What have we come too?  I am NOT getting rid of cribs and the crib tents don't fit 2 of my cribs.  ugghhhhhh. 

David and Mairin are doing a school project together.  They have to do a poster about where they are from so they have to find pictures, maps, family trees etc.  David asks Mairin what she wants to be when she grows up. Mairin responds with "I want to polish peoples nails".  I don't know what David expected her to say but he said, "Mairin what about being the President of The United States"? "No Daddy".  (David can't let it go so he has to keep the conversation going). Mairin did you know that if you become the President of the United States than you can have someone polish your nails everyday. "Really Dad" "Dad, do I get to tell people what to do too"? Yes Mairin you do. "I would be nice to everyone dad. OK.. I guess I will be President"  If only life was this easy.

We had a day off of school on Friday so I dropped the trips off at "moms morning out" and then decided to hit my dreaded store, "toys r us" and let the kids pick out some Christmas gifts. (not buy any  but show me what they wanted).  I took my camera and decided to have them hold up the toy and I would take a pic.  It actually worked out really well and now I can pass on the photos to all of our families and there is no confusion.  Eamon and Liam want expensive stuff so some items they decided to together on.  It is amazing how nice they smile when they know it is for a good cause.  Here are a couple of the pics that really turned out kind of cute.

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Sally said...

she did polish kate's nails on saturday!