Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Snow Day Of The Year

Last night you all were wishing for a relaxing snowday right??? Not here...I had a feeling it would be a snowday so I made sure I ran out to the grocery store last night to be stocked with all of the junk needed for a full day of kids..neighbor kids and more.  My neighbors nanny..Annette came over with 2 kids and had a great playdate.  By 10am another neighbor kid arrived so the house was a buzz with 9 kids and lots of fun.  The babies really enjoyed all of the commotion and Annette was a great help and adult company for me.  All 6 kids went out to play in the frigid cold and it lasted 30 minutes for some and up to 1.5 hours for the others.  Thank goodness for nexflix as the older kids are downstairs taking in a movie while the babies are sleeping.  I made sure and gave everyone lots of energy by filling them full of pizza, yogurt and ramen noodles for lunch. 

The doorbell rang at lunchtime and the 2 neighbor girls dropped off homemade warm cookies that they had just made...great that was dessert for all.  David spent the better part of the morning stuck in a traffic jam on I-75 trying to get to work and he did push 3 people out of the ditch while he was waiting for the traffic to move.  (nothing like being productive while waiting patiently in your car.....he must have learned that from the Hockstra's LOL)

Yesterday I figured it was time to take the triplets outside to experience the snow.  This takes preparation so before I even mentioned (outside) I arranged all of their gear in the family room and I put a video on so that it would entertain them while I was loading on the and all the crap needed to go outside.  I was so gung ho that I even put on my snowpants so I could sit out in the snow and encourage play.  It was kind of cold so we only lasted about 30 minutes.  I got the sleds out and I think that was the biggest hit.  It gave me the idea to get long sled so that I can cart these little lads around this winter.  They will experience the pond this year and hopefully if I train them early they will love the cold.

So Much To Look At and So Much To Touch





Angela said...

Good for you, Mom to embrace the snow! The boys look like they had fun!

Jessica said...

I'm impressed, I don't know how you get that many kids dressed and ready for the snow, just the thought of it makes me want to stay inside and I hate being cold. Your kids will be having much more winter fun than mine!