Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Another Day

Complete craziness and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.  I go back and forth on which lifestyle I like and crazy or slow and boring.  Today was one of those days that although it seemed to go by fast and smooth...I just wasn't able to stop and smell the coffee for more than a minute.  Well ok it is 11pm and I have a cup of coffee sitting next to me and I am sipping...

(please note we are all on Christmas break so all kids are home)

I got up this morning and of course the triplets were bouncing around in their cribs laughing and talking.  You can't help but to get sucked in and head down the hall and lean in to listen for a minute to hear the interaction.  They are now all caged in with crib tents and thank goodness.  I do not need anyone heart attacks waking up to a little person playing with my eyelashes in the weee early hours. 

By 8:45am I was out the door to make a TV return (thanks to my sister who offered to hang around while I run out).  A playdate was dropped off for Mairin at 9:30am and the neighbor nanny and kids arrived to play at 10am.  By 11am Eamon and Liam headed outside to the ice pond for some good old hockey.  I glanced outside and by noon there were 7 kids out there playing a hockey game.  I was able to get the triplets down for a nap at 12:30 and then headed back to the kitchen for lunch cleanup and ...ohhh I should put a couple of pizzas in for my men out on the ice.  The garage was a trainwreck so I took some time in between pizza baking to do a super clean. (so glad that I do not have a limit on how much garbage I can put out at one time)  I delivered 2 pizzas, beverages and chips out to the ice for the hockey players and came back in to continue to my house cleanup.  Mairin and her friend played so nice and only came up for some typical girlie can we color?  Can we polish our nails and will you put on a movie for us?

I was watching my watch as I am always timing how long I have before the triplets get up.  During the naptime I had to put Finn back in his pack n play 3 times.  (he will never come out of his room but you can hear his little footsteps as he is roaming around the room playing with stuff...cute but not happening) I had a family friend drop off candy bars,  polish sausage and $5.00 bills for the kids. My wonderful neighbor slipped in my side door while I was upstairs and left a chocolate bundt cake on my counter and my Aunt dropped off all of the gifts she picked up for me while she was shopping.  I enjoy the company and the visits.  The boys were still outside and it was time to end Mairins playdate.  Mairin was getting picked up for swimming, babies getting up from their naps and hockey men needed another snack.   (boys were outside..on ice skates for 6 hours today). This pond that is outside in the backyard is the biggest form of entertainment ever.  The boys came in and they were happy to play with the triplets ...of course that made the evening go even faster.  I cleaned up the kitchen...again and we all played and did what we always do when we are all home.  I had the entire crew tucked into bed by 8:30pm so that I can catch up on my taped shows and be ready for another day of no school.....shwoooooooo....That was bit long winded.

Oh..I have to post my "proud mom" picture.  Last night we went to a Christmas show we took the older 3 kids. They were the best kids ever.  The show was close to 3 hours and I didn't hear a peep out of them.  They were so patient and pleasant.  We grabbed a picture before we headed out the door.  Heidi went with us and we left David home with the triplets..( he says he had a ball with them while we were gone)
This is what I left the house with...David watching "The Wiggles" with the trio...They all insist on sitting on his lap.  This is the best he can do to keep everyone happy.....

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