Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picture This.....

I am talking with the older 3 as they get off the bus and I walk into the kitchen to see a cushion from our leather chair perched below the ice machine/water maker on the fridge.  It was just the right amount of height to lift 3 little monkeys high enough to push the water button, let the water drizzle down the front of them onto the cushion and then to the floor.  You wonder why they think I always say "no".  I take the cushion back to the family room and as I return Finn and Declan had grabbed the package of ham off the counter and pulled out 2 slices and were wiping up the water on the floor with ham.  They  looked at me like they were helping.

All 3 trips take naps in different rooms so the other day I put Declan in his pack n play and give him all of his needs (pacifier and mr. bear) and then I head out to put Finn to bed in his pack n play and I had just finished zipping Colin into his bed(equipped with a crib tent)  when I am slightly startled by Declan right behind me saying..."go way momma".  I say startled because sometimes when I have to do things more than once I tend to forget but it dawned on me that yes I had already put Declan down for his nap and he was already out.  You may want to laugh but those are the kind of things that put me into panick mode.  I panick because it immediately sets me into a chain of thoughts...oh my gosh they can get out, oh my gosh naps are over, oh my gosh my freedom is gone, oh my gosh I am not ready for 3..2 years olds to be in big beds...no no no no ...this is not happening.  So I put Declan back in his pack n play with a healthy "no" and a swat on his butt and naptime continued.  David had experienced this crib crawling the other night so we both agreed it is time for the purchase of 2 more crib tents...Ordered!!!! They probably will not fit but I am willing to jimmy rig anything to keep these little wild creatures contained. 

Mairin last night climbed up on David's lap and said, "dad teach me about tornatoes, I want to be smart about them"  priceless.  She has had a lot of questions lately about them and he was the perfect one to talk about the cold air hitting the warm air and all that business....Love Love Love how great of a dad he is.

Eamon walks out the door this morning for the bus and I say to him...Have a good day and he responds with, "Have a better one Mom".....

Liam and Eamon had a hockey game on Sunday and when I got home they came running up to tell me all about it.  Eamon says he scored a goal and Liam puts his arm around his brother and says, "yeah mom Eamon was the only one who scored and he did a good job".

There now picture all that!!!

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