Friday, December 3, 2010

Riding A Rollercoaster...When Will It Slow Down????

I get out of bed around 7am every morning and I feel like the rollercoaster car is next to my bed so I jump on, hold tight and off I go.  It has been nearly a month since I have added to this blog and I really don't have a reason other than continues to be the next thing on my list of things to do.  November is always the start of new routines, holiday happenings and it always takes me some time to readjust.  Changing seasons with 6 kids can be almost daunting.  I have to wait until I am in the mood and go crazy.  The snowpants and boots came out yesterday and the mittens and hats are everywhere.  I hate mittens..hats...gloves and all the little pieces winter requires.  I struggle with where to store it, where to set it out so the kids can get to it and I really really hate the clutter it gives our entryway.  Heather....take a deep breath and don't sweat the small stuff........ahhhhh.   We host Thanksgiving for the Mott side and it is a big day.  We have hosted for 6 years now and there is anywhere from 40 to 50 people who attend.  It is becoming one of my favorite holidays as I love hosting.  This year was absolutely amazing because I began shopping 2 weeks early, made lots of lists and my father came down for 3 days before thanksgiving and asked if he could be my handyman for those days (he also wanted to hang with the kids too).  We had a ball..we got all kinds of projects done and I felt like we are caught up.  David went to Germany a couple weeks ago and he seems to be on the go with day trips for work, early morning and late evening calls with Japan, hockey practice and just everything else a large family demands of him.  We just don't have enough hands to watch kids, pick up and drop off kids and get everything around the house done....Dad helped out and honestly I told him he could come every year and do the odd jobs and it would be the best Christmas gift for us. 

Back to Thanksgiving.  David took all the kids over to the Tom Mott house the night before and left me to work around the house.  Thanksgiving morning I kicked him out again to another brothers house with the triplets so that I could have the morning of to get everything ready.  He arrived home around noon..put the babies down for a nap and we had a couple hours before everyone showed up.  It was great.  We cooked 3 turkeys...Nadine brought the crafts and everyone caught up on all of the happenings.  All of nieces continue to make me feel like I am still "cool" too.  Got to love the batch of older teens to really tell you if you are still hip.

I celebrated my 37th birthday on 12/01.  My sister in law came over at noon to watch the triplets and I didn't come home until 9pm.  I had a ball.  I was not on any time restrictions...ahhhh it was heaven spending the day at the mall with my girl, Sally.  We ate lunch and dinner there....who does that???? Facebook made me feel like I am so popular with all of the wonderful birthday wishes...

Now I will be getting back on the rollercoaster.......Have to get my holiday shopping done, gifts for birthday parties..opps my license is expired....I think we have boiler the heating and cooling guys (shh..dont tell just stresses him out).  Hang some outdoor lights, oh send a note to school for a playdate, oh I forgot to send in money for the teacher gift, mom will you put batteries in my video game, Heather can you stop by the post office, darn we are out of milk...again, laundry is really piling up, oh what shall I make to bring to the advent womens evening on Sunday?  Get the gift cards for the Hockstra Christmas for next week, Babies babies babies..we need to play...dinner??? is it really time to eat again?

You get the idea right................

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Angela said...

And you handle it all like a pro!!!