Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Setting The Tone

Last night was one of those nights...I can chuckle about it today but at 6pm last night I went outside in 20 degree weather to call David and kindly ask him when he would be arriving home for the evening.  The sarcasm in my voice let him know very quickly that he needed to wrap it up and get home. 

Eamon came home without his spelling words (forgot them again) and was going on about a project and how he needed wood.  What do you need wood for?  What kind of wood?  This was a bit broad of a topic for me to handle.  His answers were, "humm not sure" "mom I don't know".  Mairin also wanted to empty her backpack and show me her 23 pieces of artwork. ( oh and don't throw them away either mom..please cover every empty wall in our house to post everything you do in kindergarten)....Liam took off to his room to do his homework.  I have to say that he is the easiest when it comes to homework.  The babies were kind of cranky and they were pulling the chairs up to the island while I was trying to cook dinner....Ughhh.  I asked Mairin and Liam if they would watch the babies for awhile so I could get dinner ready.  The babies were entertained for about 5 minutes before they were back upstairs in my hair.  I went to the top of the stairs to see Liam and Mairin in complete TV coma.  They were completely unaware of their surroundings.  I hollered down and told them to turn off the TV and of course that set a tone.  They came upstairs with 12 excuses and 14 "were sorry's".  Nothing was going smooth and there was no flow to the evening.  I sent Liam upstairs to hang up and put away a load of laundry and Mairin to clean her room.  Liam turned into a grizzly bear on his way upstairs and I heard the growling and crying for at least 20 minutes.  Eamon was up at the computer looking for his spelling words.  Later he couldn't find his book club book and then to top it off he lost his lunchbox.  This was seriously a counting moment. (I take a deep breath and I count slowly to mom taught me to do this when I was growing up so I would not be mouthy with my dad and think before I spoke) At 10 I felt a calmness come over really does work.  I looked at Eamon and said, "Please bring your spelling and lunch box home with you tomorrow, now please go upstairs and help your brother put away the laundry".  Eamon of course knows he just escaped crazy mom so he responds with, "sure mom". 

I have not even gotten to the babies and how they are into the my tupperware drawer throwing everything out, taking off their diapers and digging inside, moving chairs around the kitchen.  I decided to just relax and slow everything down a notch.  I talked to the babies in almost a whisper, "would you like to eat?"(another amazing tool that I use..low and slow and it seems to change the mode at the time) I got them in their chairs.  The boys and Mairin came down and sat down to eat....Here we were..all 6 kids sitting around the table not making a peep and David walks in.....I see him and I couldn't help but blurt outloud...."you think I am crazy don't you"?  It was enough to make him laugh and it completely set yet another tone for the evening....The evening from 6:30pm on was great..full of some laughs..some learning and plenty of playtime......

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