Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too Much Going On To Nap

This has been a whirlwind of a Christmas break.  I haven't stopped since it began.  I have to say that it has been so much fun with the skating pond for the kids..lots of playdates for the kids and for me and best of all having David home for the week.  It is amazing how the dynamics of the family change on a break when both of us are home.  We are tag team partners going different directions and passing in the hall for a quick kiss or a "honey what are you doing now"? We hosted the boys hockey team for an afternoon skate and that was a big hit.  We finalized plans to redo our garage to put in a wall of closets, cubbies and places for shoes, boots and stuff.  We have organized some closets and tried to entertain all of the kids enough to where they are really enjoying their vacation as well.

We had an amazing Christmas with my family up in Stanton.  Christmas Eve church was quite a site.  We walk in and I just know everyone counted the kids as we slowly made our way to our seats.  I do enjoy some of the looks as it makes me think I am not crazy when I have a moment of , "holy kids batman".  We dragged all of the presents to Stanton and Santa even made a stop there too.  We needed to fill 3 vehicles with our treasures to get everything back to the city.  I dread the unloading but all is put away now.  The theme for this year was legos, nerf guns, board games and of course dress up, zoobles and squinkies.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Beth got us all matching shirts.  They were so cute.  I just love it...The best part is that this summer when we would show up for baseball games people would say..."here comes The Mott-ly Crew"...Well now we have shirts....

The other night I was outside in the garage doing some organizing and I told David he was in charge of the storm troopers..aka triplets.  I was gone for maybe 45 minutes and when I came back in David jumps up from the couch and says.."I have a confession"...What did they do David"?  He holds up a dish that was full of the mini reeses peanut butter cups....and there were no more.  He said that he left them for just a minute and they were eating the response was "David did they eat the wrapper too"? "well some of the wrappers" (that means yes all of the wrappers)..Ok well you are getting up tonight with anyone that gets sick.  Seriously though...They didn't just eat the whole dish in a minute.,..they had enough time to pull up their chairs to the counter, climb up, discover, unwrap and eat......On one hand I am so frustrated but on the other how can I not laugh....
My 2 eldest-Chrtistmas Day

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