Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Hit and Run Accident At The Mott House

Last night was full of action and I was not home to experience it.  I took Mairin to swimming and left the kids at home with their cousin, Colleen.  Colleen comes over every Wednesday to help out for a couple of hours to bridge the gap until David can get home.

Our family room is right off of our kitchen so Eamon and Liam were watching a hockey game while the triplets were playing in the closet.  They were hiding, opening and shutting the the doors..doing what they do often.  On the wall behind the closet is our wonderful friend, Fred. 

A little history.....I grew up in a small town and my father has always deer hunted.  David started to go hunting with my dad after we got married.  A couple of years ago he shot a "trophy" buck and had it mounted.(against my better judgement).  I told him he could show it off in the family room for 1 year and then it had to go to the basement.  Fred is our deer friend that hangs on the wall in our family room...until last night.

I was not home but based on the stories we lost Fred off the wall and unfortunately it was Declan who received his love.  Declan had quite a gash on his forehead from Fred's antlers and it did panick everyone who was home.  Colleen was scared so she called me. (this was the one night that I left my cell at home).  She called her mom and dad and they thankfully directed her to our neighbors. Liam ran next door and told them that we needed some help.  Our neighbor is a doctor so she came over, looked Declan over and said he was fine and there was not a need for stitches.  According to Colleen there was blood all over Declans face, Eamon was flapping his arms up and down saying, "Declan could have died" and Liam was in charge of putting Fred out in the garage.  This all happened 10 minutes after I had left so she had a couple of hours to deal with this stress.  She gave them baths so the I never saw the worst of it.  Declan still looks funny as he won't let you get anywhere near his gash.  Poor poor Colleen.  She handled everything perfect and it was not a lack of watching the was a lack of realizing that when you push the closet door open too far it hits Fred's nose so I have concluded that the trips were rocking on the door which in turn rocked Fred to the floor.  At first we thought Declan climbed the chair onto the bookcase and then knocked him off the wall but I just dont think that is possible. 

I just hope that Colleen will return and I am glad that Fred's life in our family room is over...ahhh just another day.

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