Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Brings New Games and New Things

The winters are long in Michigan and they seem to be much longer with triplet 2 year olds.  The house becomes very small and the toys become old news in no time.  We are managing this winter but a lot of the credit goes out to the older 3 for all of their help.  The trips get so excited when Eamon, Liam and Mairin are around.  Colin will sit on the couch next to one of his older brothers and watch TV or play catch with one.  Declan just runs around aimlessly looking for trouble so I really don't know if he cares if the older ones are around.  Currently Declan is thrilled when I open up my canned goods cupboard and let him take every can at a time.  I have learned that at least I can get dinner on the table while he is entertained and hopefully he is still interested enough to play clean up and put them all back.  Finn just loves to color by himself or with Mairin.  The older 3 are excellent helpers to me.  They get allowance every week and one of their jobs is family room clean up.  I put the triplets to bed and I get the older 3 to take 10 minutes and clean it all up.  Mairin gets entry way cleanup and sometimes we add in basement clean up and vacumm. 

One of the recent games that the triplets have started is "night night"  they are fasinated by putting babies under blankets and saying "night night".  The other night they all got a pillow and pulled blankets out of the closet and set up their own night night in the family room.  I love love this game and it sometimes will go on and on.  It is very cute to see.

Another activity that is very popular is coloring.  They get up from their naps and they often come to the kitchen table where the older ones are doing their homework and they want paper and crayons.  Finn will last a long while coloring but the other 2 have a shorter interest.   In these winter months I am constantly looking for new little activities to do to keep everyone tearless.

We were at my in laws and they have a piano and I cannot tell you how much fun they thought that was.  It was constant entertainment...loud but entertaining.  Too bad we don't have any room for a piano.

My darling sweet Mairin turns 6 tomorrow and although she is growing up fast it is so exciting for me to watch my only girl grow up.  She is turning into such a pleasure and having her is one of my many blessings in life.  Happy Birthday my little peach...I love you.

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