Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just A Simple Tuesday Evening

Last night we had a ball....A family fun evening.  The boys had a hockey game at 5pm so I was forced (lol) to take the triplets.  I dropped Eamon and Liam off at the door and took the triplets and Mairin to park.  I had Mairin walk Colin in and I walked Declan and Finn in.  My bag was full of treats and tricks and we all did well.  We stayed for the entire game and it was the first place I have taken the myself and without a stroller.....We are making some progress. 

We had a fabulous stirfry for dinner created by..yours truly.  It is funny how a stirfry dinner really brings out the questions of healthy dinner from the kids.  Eamon and Liam were not crazy by the appearance but they each asked if it was a healthy dinner and ate everything up.  Mairin on the other hand sat in complete disbelief that I was really going to make her eat such a thing.  She begged to only eat the chicken so after 30 minutes or so of tears and arguing she managed to consume the chicken and a couple pieces of brocolli.  David did homework with the boys.  I did flashcards and read with Mairin while the triplets tore the family room apart.  David finished with the homework and came into the family room and turned to the music channels on the TV and we all danced and sang to the 80's classics.  The triplets are quite the dancers as well as Mairin. 

We ended the night with the Red Wings on the TV and some leftover ice cream cake for everyone.  You really have to love the evenings that go smooth and are full of some simple fun. 

Here we all are celebrating Mairin's 6th birthday on Sunday.....

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