Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just When You Think It Is Over

We went 24 hours with no vomit and just as I was getting fired up that this sickness had gone thru this house....It was all a lie.

Today was going to be my first day out since hummmmm....lets just say maybe Friday.  I got up and was ready to send 3 kids off to school and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Marcia at 9:30am.  It is a morning like today when I realize that nothing is set in stone when you are a mom of 6.  I got the 3 older ones off on the bus, hustled David out the door and I headed up to the triplets room.  I opened the door and my first sniff ...was normal. I lifted out Declan and felt the front of him (good you are all clean, dry and you smell good).  I went over to Colin and I smelled a hint of puke.  I picked him up and as I got downstairs I realized he had dried puke on the front of him.  It wasn't much but enough to say in my head, "crap..guess I should do the right thing and cancel Marcia for today".  I went up to get Finn and once I turned on the light I noticed there was a good amount of yuck in Colin's crib and Finn had a little in his too.  I came down and took a deep breath, called to cancel Marcia and poured myself a cup of coffee.  Oh and I grabbed a scrunchie and threw up the hair into the regular mom do.  I got my morning fix of tears, cuddling and Barney. 

I kept the older 3 home from school yesterday. The day turned out to be an extension of the weekend.  The kids all helped out and since they all felt well they ice skated, watched TV and did the homework they needed to. 

Little Miss Mairin has a birthday coming on Sunday and she reminds me everyday of how many days it is before her special day.

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