Monday, January 24, 2011

My Husband Is Brilliant

I set out a sweaters last night for each of the boys to wear.  One of the sweaters was the red and white sweater (a classic Ralph Lauren) with the specs of white and the geometric design of a deer running across the top.  The other one was just a regular stripe sweater.  I had Eamon wear the red one and Liam the stripe.  This red sweater was a hand me down from a dear friend with exquisite taste.  I went into their room and Liam has already gone downstairs and Eamon has tears in his eyes.  I ask him what is wrong and he says that Liam laughed at him because he had to wear this sweater.  I said to Eamon, "Eamon this is a great sweater and it is fine, your brother is just being a bully".  I go downstairs and tell Liam that he is being mean and how could he make fun of his brother etc etc....  David comes downstairs and both boys are standing there and all seems to be fine but David says, "Hummm, mom I think Liam would look much better in the red sweater because of his lighter hair and his blue eyes".  (I get what is happening so I say...oh yes I agree).  We make the boys switch sweaters and believe it or not they switch sweaters and Liam does not complain at all.  Liam clearly knows that he just got tweeked and busted.  Eamon smiles and we all moved onto breakfast.  The boys got on the bus and I told David, "You are brilliant, I would have never thought of doing that".  I love the way we got our point across in such a simple little way. I will have to see how well the sweater went over when they get home from school....Now I am not sure if I can make either one of them wear it again after this little ordeal.  Maybe I should retire the classic sweater that I love.

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