Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things That Have Made My World Easier With Kids

Tips and Tricks for Twins and Trips...

-Keep my babies on the same schedule starting at 6pm. During the day I am a bit more relaxed.

-I stop changing the babies diapers at night at 2 months unless they have a poop in order not to disturb them anymore than I have to.. Now some nights require a change but only if the diaper feels pretty full.

-Put them to bed awake and deal with a little bit of crying

-At 3 months old - no need to wake eveyone to feed together as each of them are finding their own feeding demands at night

-Snack trays works great to tide over hungry kids and I can get them to eat good things-I cut up cheese, turkey or ham, crackers and in the center I cut up an apple, orange or grapes. I arrange the tray as if I am hosting a party and I always put 1 thing that is sweet such as a couple m&ms or something little. I let the kids take this tray downstairs and let them eat it in front of a cartoon. Simple thing right but my kids will clean the tray, fruit and all.

-I pack their lunches everyday but let them pick one day of the week to have hot lunch. They always pick Mondays cause it is pizza day. In order to balance the lunch that I dont control,they always get a fruit for their mid morning snack and know they have to eat it and if I find out that they dont eat the fruit they will not be able to get a hot lunch. It really works.

-Baggies-Anytime we are not at the table for eating I give them a snack in a baggie. We used to use bowls or cups but they would always spill so if the baggie gets dropped it is no big deal because minimum stuff falls out.

-Clock in their room-I put a clock in their room and my 1st graders know that unless it is at least 7am they cannot get out of bed. This started when they couldnt tell time but they had to see a 7 as the first number on the clock.

-Getting Up Quietly-I started this very early on. I would leave the tv in the living room on the cartoon channel at night and taught them how to push the power button. I put their sip cups on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and I put a basket of granola bars on a shelf they can reach in the cupboard. The deal has always been..go ahead and get up and if you need anything you can get it and mom and dad will be up soon. Now of course this doesnt buy you a ton of time but I guarantee you will have those thankful mornings of peace. They know that when I do get up that I will fix them a bagel or toast or anything else for breakfast.

-Snacking-if they are hungry and want some candy I make them eat a fruit first. They have to have an apple, banana, grapes or some sort of healthy food and then they can have a piece of candy. This works because they end up getting full and dont care too much about the candy when they are full.

-Laying out clothes the night before-I started this when the boys were 5 and it works well. I live in a colonial and it becomes a pain going up and down the stairs. I set out their clothes the night before they go to bed when they wake up they immediately get dressed before they come downstairs. They love it and usually on the weekends I let them pick out their clothes and they get excited.

-Start Chores early on- The boys have simple chores to do around the house. Liam has to keep the shoes neat and orderly in the entryway and Eamon needs to keep the family room toys picked up. They are also responsible for keeping the basement cleaned up.

-Junk Food Fridays- On Fridays we love to make pizza or order out because the normal schedule goes out the window. The neighbor kids often come over and it is a night of play, junk food and friends. The kids love it and look forward to just being kids that day.

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