Thursday, February 24, 2011

Houdini In The House

I feel like we have hit the point where I could lose my mind.  The triplets are into everything and I mean everything.  They can open the fridge and the freezer, they will open up and go thru any bag that is left at their level.  They will empty a bookshelf if they can get to it. They will take every wipe out of the container if I forget to put it up.  They will move the chairs around the kitchen in search of anything on the counters to play with.  They will dig in the toilets at every opportunity.  They will disappear and they are ALWAYS doing something bad.  Gosh when will it end????

This morning we went in to get the boys and Colin had completely taken his crib tent off and had turned it inside out.  It took me a long time to figure out what he did and i still don't know how he did it but he managed to detach all of the velcro straps, popped it inside out and it was laying upside down in his crib with him under it. (please note..if you are not familiar with crib tents...they are all netting so no health hazard here).  I had to pull out the big guns and I reattached it with rope.  I went to the garage and got some twine and I securely double knotted 6 positions around the crib.  I truly cannot believe he figured out the velcro and was able to get himself out of the tent.  Nothing seems to last more than a couple of weeks around here...sighhhhhh.

This week is exceptionally stressful for several reasons...The kids are off all week for winter break and I really didn't plan much.  My wonderful sitter, Marcia is leaving tomorrow for Florida for 3 weeks. My niece who is going to help out while Marcia is gone is only off for a week.  The snow is too deep to take the triplets outside to play.


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